Porcelain Repair

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Devcon 90216 Epoxy Repair Kit, 1.06 oz

Kit includes pigment for color matching, mixing tray, sticks and fiberglass patch. Repair small knicks, cracks and holes on porcelain, fiberglass plastic and ceramic materials. Use it to make repairs on toilet, sink, tile surrounds, spa tubs, figurines, bathtubs, shower stalls and more. Dries white or add color pigment for Almond/Bisque color matching.

Homax 2164 Porcelain Chip Fix, 0.17 oz

Chips or scratches in your kitchen or bathroom fixtures are unsightly and make a beautiful surface look old and worn-out. Homax® porcelain chip fix repairs the damaged surfaces of your sinks, tubs and tile. The easy-to-use two-part epoxy works on porcelain coated metals, ceramic and enamel surfaces. The self leveling formula produces a high gloss, lustrous, porcelain-like finish. Use Homax® porcelain chip fix to fill and repair unsightly chips and scratches.