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Brower 0 Fount Base, 1 qt Capacity, 1-1/2 in H, 5-7/8 in Dia, Galvanized Steel

Screws onto 1 quart small mouth mason jar. Die-stamped from rust-resisting steel. No seems to leak. Approximate water capacity of 1 qt (0.95 L). Approximate bird capacity of 12 chicks. Overall size of 5-7/8 in Dia x 3/4 in D x 1-1/2 in H. Mason jar not included.

Brower 1GFB Chick Waterer Base, 1-3/8 in H, 11 in Dia

1 gal base only. 11 in Dia. 1-3/8 in trough depth. Use with 1GFJ 1 gal slip on jar (Sku 972.8999).

Brower 1GFJ Chick Waterer Jar, 1 gal Capacity

1 gal jar only. Use with 1GFB slip on base (Sku No 203.3967). Height 8 in.

Brower 1QF Poultry Feeder, 1.5 lb Capacity, Plastic

Model 1QF plastic super start feeder in bright color attracts fowl. Lightweight and strong, will not rust or dent, resists sun deterioration. "See through" jug to monitor feed level. Guard reduces feed waste. Individual sections in trough promote harmony. Low profile in base maintains correct feed level. Dome in base center prevents feed bridging. Nests for easy storage.

BROWER 2 Fount Base, 1 qt Capacity, 2 in H, 5-1/2 in Dia, Plastic

Model 2 plastic slip-on mason jar fount base. The strongest, most durable mason jar fount base made. Exclusive design allows fount to be inverted without spilling a drop. Stands up to 190 deg F (88 deg C) heat without warping. Rim around outer edge adds strength.

Brower 2GF Chick Waterer Fount and Base, 2 gal Capacity

2 gal poly fount and base. Water capacity of 2 gal. Bird capacity of 100 chickens. Overall size of 11 in Dia x 1-3/8 in D x 16 in H.

Brower 35PB Poultry Base, 2-3/8 in H, 16-1/2 in Dia

Poly base only. Use with 3 or 5 gal bucket (Not included). 16-1/2 in Dia. 2-3/8 in trough depth.

Brower FT220 Flip Top Feeder, 1.7 lb Capacity, Plastic

Model FT220 flip top plastic feeder. Bright color attracts chicks and is lightweight and strong. It will not rust or dent, resists sun deterioration. Easy-open snap locks for quick filling or cleaning. Top opens and shuts thousands of times with no failure. Trough is 1-3/8 in (3.5 cm) high.

Brower S224 Slide-Top Feeder, 1.5 lb Capacity, 28-Compartment, Steel

Galvanized steel throughout. Great for feed or water. Top slides off trough for easy cleaning or filling. Trough size of 1-3/4 in high. Approximate feed capacity of 1.5 lb. Approximate bird capacity of 25 chicks. Overall size of 4-1/4 in W x 24 in L x 3 in H.

FORTEX-FORTIFLEX 65 Fount Base, 1 qt Capacity, 1-1/2 in H, 6 in Dia, Plastic

Model 65 plastic threaded mason jar fount base is popular for chicks and is also widely used as a cricket waterer. High-impact styrene construction. Threads onto any 1 qt small mouth mason jar.

FORTEX-FORTIFLEX 7GF Poultry Fount, 7 gal Capacity

Brower all-poly top-fill founts offer maximum sanitation and longevity with Brower's dura-founts. Use one of our capacity poly founts and you'll never buy another double wall galvanized fount. For colder weather use, troughs will fit on our model AEB automatic electric base.

FORTEX-FORTIFLEX HF30 Hanging Feeder, 30 lb Capacity, Polyethylene

Poly hanging feeders are up to 10X heavier than galvanized steel at the pressure points. Newly introduced is cross linked polyethylene construction, which offers a lot of advantages compared with galvanized steel and our clean, simple designs afford our customers a better value than competing poly feeders. Compared with galvanized steel, our feeders will not rust. We use ultraviolet inhibitors. Because of great construction, these feeders come with a 3 year unconditional warranty.

Little Giant 9833 Poultry Fount, 3 gal Capacity, Galvanized Steel

A heavy-duty standalone waterer for chickens, turkeys and other poultry. Double-wall construction features an inner tube with a strong arched handle for carrying the filled fount and an outer tube with its own handle for convenience. When the outer tube is inserted over the inner tube, a copper spring and neoprene seal create a vacuum to maintain a constant water level in the drinking pan. Features a locking pin to hold the outer tube in place. Sloped top prevents roosting. Constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety. Seams are constructed and tested to prevent leaks. A key advantage of metal founts is the ability to use the fount in winter with a heater base such as the Little Giant electric water heater base.

Pecking Order 009332 Chicken Mealworm Treat, 30 oz Bag

Pecking Order dried mealworms provide chickens and other poultry the irresistible high protein treat they love to eat. Offer dried mealworms before, during and after a molt to support feather growth or simply feed as a treat while interacting with your flock. What makes our dried mealworms extra special are the people that pack and prepare every bag of Pecking Order. Our team carefully inspects the mealworms at one of our US based packing facilities before being placed inside a Pecking Order bag. Try Pecking Order brand dried mealworms and feel confident you're giving your flock the very finest. Offering dried mealworms is a great way to interact with chickens and helps flock owners discover and enjoy the unique characteristics of each hen. Treats can also be effectively used on a routine basis to bring your flock in close for a quick visual inspection to evaluate their wellbeing.

SummerHawk Ranch Urban 33555 Chicken Coop, 6 Hens Capacity, Slate Barn

Space-efficient coop and run combination. Hand built from solid fir and roomy enough to comfortable sleep up to 6 chickens, if they are allowed to free range during the day. The coop features a durable, weather-resistant, easy-to-clean corrugated plastic roof, offering shade and shelter, while a galvanized mesh-enclosed run gives hens a secure space to forage and exercise. The two-stall nesting box is accessible through a convenient, waist-height prop-up door for easy egg collection. Also includes two nesting bars and adjustable ventilation. Removable, metal sliding tray allows for easy cleaning access. The enclosure is simple to assemble, requiring only one person and a screwdriver. Exterior dimensions of 74 in L x 30 in W x 50 H.