Power Hammers

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RAMSET 40088 Heavy-Duty Hammer Tool

The MasterShot makes attachments to concrete and steel quietly. Its silencing feature and a cushioned, ergonomic grip offer user comfort.

RAMSET HD222 Hammer Tool

Powerful single shot, hammer driven powder actuated tool. Fastens wood to cement, metal to cement or metal to metal. Instantly drives fasteners into place with a single blow of a 1 lb hammer. Uses standard 0.22 caliber medium load single shot powder loads. Quiet, shock absorbing system lowers recoil for operator comfort. Funnel-shaped handle provides a large target while protecting hands. Positive barrel and load retention prevents barrel from opening freely, allowing easy horizontal and overhead fasting. Pin capacity of 2-1/2 in (3 in with washer).

Stinger CH38 136401 Cap Hammer Stapler, 3/8 in, 168

Stinger CH38 Cap Hammer Stapler, Stinger CH38, 3/8 in Crown Width, 168 Staple, For Residential Roofing and Sidewall Applications