Victor Sweeney's M6009 Mole Worm Poison, Gel, 2.29 oz

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The Sweeney's® Poison Moleworms™ were cleverly designed to look and feel just like the real deal. If you were to close your eyes and hold a Poison Moleworm™ and a real worm in each hand, you'd actually find it hard to feel the difference. And better yet, these ingenious baits are formulated to be exceptionally palatable to moles, which means the moles find them to be downright tasty that is why these poison worms are the best way to kill moles. When eaten, the poison bait swiftly kills the underground varmints.

Product Details


Manufacturer's Part Number: M6009

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Product Features

  • Quickly and effectively kills moles
  • Uniquely formulated to be palatable to moles
  • Safe to handle protective glove prevents contact with bait
  • Easily locate active runways with active tunnel locator flags
  • Simple to use by just dropping bait into holes in roof of tunnel
  • Looks and feels like real earthworms, a main food source for moles

Product Specifications

Color Light Yellow
Compositions Glycerol, Propylene Glycol
Form Gel
Includes (10) Worms, (5) Active Tunnel Locator Flags, (1) Protective Glove
Net Content 2.29 oz
Specific Gravity 1.14 g/mL

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