X-Acto X73610 Needle File Set, 7-Piece

X-Acto X73610 Needle File Set, 7-Piece

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Brand: X-Acto

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X-ACTO blades are designed to allow you to make the careful and detailed cuts you need time and time again. Our blades are created with care and exceptional craftsmanship, producing a cutting edge that stays sharp over a longer period of time. An X-ACTO quality blade is always ready when you need it. The original X-ACTO knife has been praised for more than 50 years as the standard for precision. Attaining this level of precision, accuracy and reliability starts with supreme quality craftsmanship. X-ACTO knife blades are crafted with sharpened carbon steel for a reliable cut and a strong blade. X-ACTO knife blades fit with most X-ACTO knife models. Be sure to match the blade number with the list of compatible blades on your X-ACTO knife's packaging.

Product Details

Manufacturer: ELMER'S PRODUCTS

Manufacturer's Part Number: X73610

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Product Features

  • Set features a quick change handle
  • This needle file set is great for working with woods, plastics and most metals

Product Specifications

Includes #3 Square File, Equaling File, Half Round File, Knife File, Round File
Number of Pieces 7