Rain Collection Accessories

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Algreen 81055 Rain Barrel Link Kit

The Algreen Rain Barrel linking kit allows for the connection of 2 rain barrels to provide extra water storage capacity. Easy to install. Includes 3 clamps, 1 plug and 1-1/2 ft x 5 in non-kink tubing.

Rain Bird UT1 Replacement Transformer, Universal, Plastic, Black

Replacement transformer for SST irrigation system. Residential installation. To replace transformers with output of 650 mA or less. Rated at 120 V input and 26.5 V output. Compatible with E-6, ISA-304, ISM4, SST 400i, E-9, ISA-406, ISM6, SST 600i, PC-504, ISA-408, ISM9, SST 900i, PC-506, ISB-409 and STPi Series Rain Bird timer models.

RTS 55100002008000 Rain Barrel Stand, Black

Sturdy and durable rain barrel stand. Elevates the rain barrel for easier downspout connection and more room to put a watering can under spigot for filling. This allows the spigot to be lower on the rain barrel and therefore allows you to get the most out of your water harvesting.