Rain Gauges

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EZRead 820-0409 Rain Gauge, 5 in Measuring, Glass

Easy to read. 5 in accurate measurement. For home or acreage. Rugged bracket easily mounts on fence, post or in ground. Made In The USA.

EZRead 820-0582 Rain Gauge, 5 in Measuring, Plastic, Aged Copper

Our decorative EZ Read rain gauges are great for gardens and can add color to your flower or vegetable garden without a single plant in bloom. The Decorative EZ Read rain gauge is 13 in tall and just like the EZ Read rain gauge, it can be read from a distance as well. It comes with a one piece stake for easy mounting in the ground. It also comes with mounting holes in the stake for easy fence or deck mounting. They also feature our DebrisGuard??? Funnel to prevent debris from entering, a patented self-sealing plug to prevent leakage, bright markings, a high visibility float and water level magnification.

EZRead 820-1002 Rain Gauge, 5 in Measuring, Plastic, Yellow

Accurately measures rainfall up to 5 in and can be read from a distance of up to 50 ft. 24 in tall and its 1-3/4 in tube has brilliant yellow markings with a colored float. 1 in of rain raises the float over 4 in for easy reading, entry funnel constructed to prevent leaves and large debris from entering plastic tube.

EZView 820-0188 Rain Gauge, 5 in Measuring, Glass

Unique design magnifies the rain column. Accurate measurement. Easy to mount. Ideal for home, acreage or farm. Special magnifying design allows for easy viewing. Made In USA.

La Crosse 724-1409 Rain Gauge, 300 ft Measuring, 40 to 148 deg F

Self-emptying rain bucket empties via internal tilting cups. Rainfall daily history views time/date/day (up to 365 days). Rainfall readings: current, 1 hr, 24 hrs, 7 days, last month and total since initial setup. In/Out temperature (F/C). Programmable rain alert (Hi/Off). 12/24 manual set time and alarm. Calendar: day and date. Sensor signal strength icon. Low battery indicator.

Taylor 2700 Rain Gauge, 5 in Measuring

5 in Rainfall capacity. Clear, tough. Butyrate, mounting bracket, instructions and chart. 11-7/8 in L. 2 in collector opening.

Taylor 2703 Rain Gauge, 5 in Measuring, Plastic

Tapered end for ground or can be post mounted. Measures 5 in (127 mm) of rainfall. 10-3/4 in L. 1-1/2 in x 7/8 in collector opening.

Taylor 2704 Rain Gauge and Thermometer, 5 in Measuring, -40 to 120 deg F, Plastic

Two sided unit, one side rain gauge and the other side thermometer. Stakes into the ground. 48 in high, fully assembled. 5 in capacity. -40 deg F to 120 deg F temperature range.

Taylor 2708 Rain Gauge, 5 in Measuring, Plastic

Jumbo Jr. rain gauge 5 in/127 mm. Bold, easy-to-read measurement graphics. High impact plastic construction for outdoor durability. Includes bracket for mounting and ground stake. Overall height of 20 in.

Taylor 2755 Rain Gauge, Plastic

Monitors rain/sprinkler levels and temperature from inside the house. Track hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rainfall levels. Memory function to recall min/max rainfall and temperature records. Displays indoor and outdoor temperatures. Displays time and calendar. Wireless rain collection cup. Programmable temperature alert.

Taylor 484BZN Rain Gauge, 5 in Measuring, Aluminum/Glass, Bronze

The 27 in glass rain gauge steals the show with its elegant design originating from TAYLOR's esteemed Heritage collection. Easy-to-read measurement markings collect up to 5 in of local rainfall.