Recycling Containers

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CONTINENTAL COMMERCIAL 5914-1 Curbside Recycling Bin, 14 gal Capacity, Plastic, Blue

This bin is durable and lightweight. Drain holes in base of bin prevent accumulation of rain Water. Used by environmentally conscious cities for curb side recycle collection. Notched sides allow units to be cross-stacked. For convenient indoor recycle collection, one or two curbside bins can be used with the MFT-5BK trolley.

CONTINENTAL COMMERCIAL Huskee 3200-1 Recycling Receptacle, 32 gal Capacity, Plastic, Blue

Molded of engineered resins with seamless construction, the Huskee?? is a strong, long lasting receptacle ideal for recycling applications. Optional recycle lid has center hole and permanent "Cans Only" imprint to encourage use.

CONTINENTAL COMMERCIAL Swingline 25-1 Recycling Receptacle, 25 gal Capacity, Plastic, Blue

The Continental?? square Swingline containers provide 25% more capacity than round containers of the same height, which equates to labor and poly liner savings. The rolled rim provides strength as well as a convenient area to lift or pull. Reinforced base will take rough commercial use and they nest for easy storage.

Rubbermaid 1792641 Recycle Trash Can, 32 gal Capacity, Easy Grip Handle, Plastic, Blue

Rubbermaid Recycle Trash Can, 32 gal Capacity, Plastic, Blue, Cover/Lid Type: Detached, Easy Grip Handle

Rubbermaid FG354075BLUE Recycling Container with Vent Channel, 23 gal Capacity, Plastic, Blue

For use in areas of high paper generation, such as near copiers, printers and in mailrooms. Contains Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) exceeding EPA guidelines. Station containers serve as a convenient central collection site for multiple work stations. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. Large capacity ideal for heavy traffic areas. Designed to withstand extreme weather and handling.

Rubbermaid FG571473BLUE Recycling Box, 14 gal Capacity, Resin, Blue

The Rubbermaid commercial recycling bin is made of post-consumer recycled resin for commercial recycling use.

Rubbermaid FG571873GRN Recycling Box, 18 gal Capacity, Resin, Green

The Rubbermaid commercial recycling bin is made of post-consumer recycled resin for commercial recycling use.