Respirator Cartridges

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3M 6022PA1-A/R6022 Replacement Filter

For use in paint spray applications/organic vapor. For 3M, 6000 series half facepiece respirator. Reclosable storage bag included. Reusable. Packout consists of one pair of 3M™ 6001 organic vapor filter and two pair of 3M™ 5P71, P95 organic vapor cartridge.

3M TEKK Protection 5P71PB1-B Particulate Filter, P95 Filter

3M™ P95 particulate filters are used for paint spraying, solvents and pesticides. Designed to use with 3M™ 501 filter retainer on 3M™ 5000 series respirators and 6000 series cartridges only. 3M™ P95 particulate filter is a great choice in respiratory protection for the professional.

MSA 817665 Respirator Replacement Cartridge

MSA Respirator Replacement Cartridge, 8696510 Half Mask Respirators Suitable for

MSA SWX00322 Cartridge and Pre-Filter, P95 Filter

Long life pre-filters features deep circular pleats which extend the amount of particulate loading on the filters, allowing respirator users to continue their spraying jobs or projects without the need to continually stop to replace the pre-filter. Approved by NIOSH under the NIOSH 42 CFR 84 respirator certification regulations, approved to the R95/OV category, R95 filters are at least 95% efficient against oil-based contaminants and resist degradation for at least an 8 hrs shift. The OV classification means that the respirator is also approved for organic vapors. For use with 895.4570.

MSA SWX00324 Cartridge

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are 99.97% efficient against particles which are at 0.3 microns (about 300X smaller than the diameter of human hair) or larger. These pleated cartridges feature a large surface area in a very small diameter, low profile cartridge. Used in applications such as soldering with lead, working near asbestos or tile or brick cutting. Approved by NIOSH under the NIOSH 42 CFR 84 respirator certification regulations, approved for the P100 filter classification. Use with 869.6510.