Roof Underlayments

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Eaveguard HE740915 Roofing Underlayment, 33.3 ft L, 3 ft W, Asphalt

Henry® Eaveguard® Self-adhered shingle underlayment provides a secondary line of defense to keep water that can get behind shingles from infiltrating further to help ensure the longevity of your roof. With direct-to-deck application, Eaveguard® is designed to offer protection against water penetration caused by wind driven rain or ice damming when installed in vulnerable areas of steep-slope roofs.

GAF 0912000MV Roofing Leak Barrier, 50 ft L, 36 in W, Fiberglass, Black

For installation under new shingles to prevent leaks from ice build-up and wind-driven rain. Also for use under shakes or metal roofing. Asphalt composition fortified with rubber (SBS). Flexible and elastic at low temperatures. Top surface coated with sand to provide a safe, non-slip working area. Split-back release film, self-adhering, easy to apply, easy to cut to size. Self-sealing around nails. Will not rot or decompose. Meets ASTM D1970, UL Class A and C fire rating.

GAF 0915000MV Roofing Leak Barrier, 66.7 ft L, 36 in W, Fiberglass, Black

Smooth, film surface link barrier with special adhesive for one-time repositioning, but aggressively adheres over time. Unique film surface pattern improves footing even in hot weather. Self seals around nails or metal roofing fasteners. Split back release film peels off in layers for faster installation and greater homeowner value. Fiberglass reinforcement helps resist wrinkling and buckling. Lays flatter under shingles. Design to withstand high metal roof temperatures and will not melt or flow. High temperature compound is suitable for most metal roof applications. For application under copper and zinc. Passes low temperature flexibility (-20 deg) and waterproof integrity after low temperature flexibility requirements. Can be exposed for up to 60 days if necessary.

Henry HERF200916 Roofing Underlayment, 65 ft L, 3 ft W, Polyethylene, Blue

A SBS modified bitumen high temperature roofing underlayment reinforced with a textured skid-resistant polyethylene film specifically designed to be self-adhered on sloped roof surfaces as secondary seal under shingles or tile, self-seals when penetrated by mechanical fasteners or roofing nails prevents lateral moisture migration; provides premium anti-resistant textured blue film surface for applicator safety provides split release backing for fast application meets ASTM D1970 standard and is ICC listed.

MFM 48267 Roofing Underlayment, 67 ft L, 36 in W, Polymer, White

Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™ is a 45 mil, self-adhering roofing underlayment composed of a white, non-slip, cross-laminated polymer film, laminated to a high temperature rubberized aggressive asphalt adhesive. Product is engineered for whole roof protection under shingle, tile, shake and metal roofing systems. It bonds to the substrate and seals around fasteners to limit damage caused by water penetration or leaks. It is ideal for secondary water resistance with proper roof ventilation. Product comes with a split release liner for easy installation in valleys, ridges and around chimneys.

MFM 50012 Roofing Membrane, 33-1/2 ft L, 12 in W, Aluminum/Polymer

Peel & Seal® is the original, self-stick roll roofing specifically designed for low slope residential and commercial applications. Composed of an exclusive formula consisting of laminated aluminized foil, high-density polymer films and a thick layer of rubberized asphalt, Peel & Seal® provides a long-lasting, durable, maintenance-free roofing surface.