RV Housewares

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CAMCO 42893 Utility Container, Black

Camco RV 18 in x 24 in collapsible container has a sturdy frame for 33 gal bags that can be easily moved around to accommodate needs inside or out. Features a double liner, padded handles, a lid that zips closed and a stake to secure it in place against the wind, pets and people. Stands two feet tall and collapses in seconds to store at just 2-1/2 in high in its zippered storage bag.

CAMCO 42925 Step Rug, Gray

CAMCO RV gray wraparound step rug adjusts to fit steps with a tread of 8 to 10-1/2 in. Just wraparound your existing RV step and hook springs into the holes that fit your step. No screws, glue or tools needed. Springs are unique in that the hook ends are turned back making installation easier. Helps to keep your RV clean by cutting down on tracked-in dirt. For manual or electric RV steps.

CAMCO 42993 Collapsible Bucket, Blue

Heavy-duty, waterproof bucket holds up to 3 gal of water and collapses flat for storage. The lightweight material and carrying handle make it easy to bring along anywhere. Includes a zippered storage bag.

CAMCO 43511 Dish Drainer and Tray, Plastic, White

CAMCO RV mini dish drainer and tray fits RV sinks and is sized just right for limited counter space. Sloped drainer tray keeps counters dry. Drain tray snaps on top of rack for handy storage. Durable heavy-duty construction.

CAMCO 43623 Broom and Dustpan

CAMCO RV adjustable broom and dustpan goes from a full size broom and telescopes down to store compactly. Soft-bristled head adjusts to different angles for maximum cleaning power. Handle length is adjustable, too. Handy dustpan clips onto broom handle for storage.

CAMCO 44073 Refrigerator Bar, Plastic, White, 6

CAMCO RV double refrigerator bar is designed to keep order in your RV refrigerator during travel. It is spring loaded to keep items in place. This refrigerator bar extends from 16 to 28 in.

CAMCO 44093 Cupboard Bar, Plastic, White, 6

CAMCO RV double cupboard bar is designed to keep order in your RV cupboards during travel. It is spring loaded to keep items in place. This cupboard bar extends from 10 to 17 in.

CAMCO 44100 Ice Cube Tray, Blue

CAMCO RV mini ice cube trays fit ideally into RV, marine or dorm freezers. They provide small size cubes for quick freezing and are easy-to-use.