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CAMCO 01023 Heat Trap, Iron, For Water Heaters

Prevents heat escape through the inlet and outlet when flow stops. Color coded cold inlet and hot outlet. Meets AGA requirements. Self-cleaning fittings prevent corrosion. Dielectric insert thermoplastic lining. 3/4 in MPT x 3/4 in MPT x 3 in L MIP.

CAMCO 22505 Hose Elbow, Brass

Camco's 90 deg hose elbow can be used with water hookups to your RV, residential outdoor faucets and with washing machine hookups. It eliminates strain on your water hose connection and prevents kinking. The brass elbow with swiveling easy grip connector fits 0.75 to 11.5 NH hose connections.

CAMCO 22743 Heavy-Duty Drinking Water Hose, 40 to 70 psi, 1/2 in ID, Female, 10 ft L, PVC

Reinforced hoses for maximum kink resistance. Made with NSF certified hose. Lead-free, drinking water safe. BPA-free, phthalate-free formulation. No strong plastic taste is imparted to the drinking water. UV-stabilized for long life.

CAMCO 35983 Quick-Turn Heater Bypass Kit

Save on antifreeze, winterize with this easily-installed water heater by-pass kit. Sturdy, brass backflow preventer and 100% shut-off valve by-passes the water heater with a single turn. Carded.

CAMCO 36003 Anti-Freeze Hand Pump Kit

Pump antifreeze directly into RV waterlines and supply tanks. Kit comes with flexible connecting line, city water connection and water faucet adapters. Carded.

CAMCO 39322 Water Seal, Resin

Airtight odor and leak seal when draining gray water into campground sewer system. With easy gripper. Made in USA.

CAMCO 39543 RV Twist Connect Kit, ABS

Connect two hoses quickly and easily for added length. Fits all 3 in sewer hoses. Carded.

CAMCO 39553 Twist-It Clamp, 3 in OD

No tools required, position the clamp and twist the thumb grip to tighten. 3 in rust proof clamps and UV stabilized resin thumb grips.

CAMCO 39631 RV Sewer Hose, HTS Vinyl

15 mil of brown HTS vinyl, created for the seasonal RVer who makes weekend trips during the summer camping season. The 10 ft hose compresses to 16 in, the 15 ft to 26 in and the 20 ft hose to 32 in for storage.

CAMCO 39691 RV Sewer Hose, HTS Vinyl

Heavy-duty RV sewer hose with pre-attached fitting heavy-duty 15 ft sewer hose comes with attached bayonet fitting for easy, convenient hookup. Compresses to 27 in for storage.

CAMCO 40094 Holding Tank Rinser

Patented holding tank rinsers with shut-off valves dislodge and flush stubborn waste deposits and odor-causing particles left after holding tank is emptied. Powerful rotary cleaning action reaches corners and walls of tank. One-quarter turn shut-off valve at your fingertips. All-brass moving parts. Flexible Swivel Stik??? has a flexible 55-1/2 in reach for basement holding tanks.

CAMCO 41152 TST Tab Carded

Deodorize black and grey water tanks with these compact tablets. One tab treats up to 40 gal. Use in portable and RV toilets and grey water tanks.

CAMCO Easy Slip 39144 Sewer Adapter, Threaded

Connects hose to dump station. Quick, reliable sewer hook-up. Non-restrictive for free flow and faster dumping. Includes 10 ft HTS sewer hose, easy slip bayonet straight hose adapter and easy slip sewer elbow with 4-in-1 adapter. The elbow tapered end accepts all 3 in hoses and slipover fittings. Adapter fits into 3 in slip or 3 in, 3-1/2 in and 4 in threaded pipe. Components separate for storage in bumper. Carded.

CAMCO Easy Slip 39551 RV Sewer Kit

This complete sewer kit comes assembled with everything you'll need for a quick, reliable sewer hook-up. Nonrestrictive for free flow and faster dumping. Includes 10 ft HTS sewer hose, Easy Slip bayonet straight hose adapter and Easy Slip sewer elbow with 4-in-1 adapter. Hose support not included.

CAMCO TastePURE 40045 Water Filter

CAMCO TastePURE KDF RV water filter is a larger capacity RV water filter that lasts an entire season. Greatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water with a 100 micron sediment filter. Durable in-line, exterior mount filter has a wider body to increase flow. Not designed for fish tanks or ponds.

CAMCO TastePURE 40206 Drinking Water Freshener, 16 oz Bottle

Eliminate algae and slime buildup from drinking water tanks. Just 1 oz helps remove bad smells and taste from 20 gal of water.

CAMCO TST 40221 RV Toilet Treatment, 4 oz Bottle

Single-dose treatments, require no mixing or measuring. Breaks down waste and tissue. Stops odors up to 7 days. Lubricates and cleans sensors. No harmful formaldehyde. Septic tank safe. Each 4 oz bottle treats 40 gal. Eight bottles per box.

CAMCO TST 40252 Gray Water Odor Control, 32 oz Bottle

Remove grease buildup in your gray water tank, sink and shower drain lines with this concentrated treatment. Only 4 oz per 40 gal eliminates foul odors, leaving a fresh lemon scent.

CAMCO TST 40264/40269 RV Toilet Treatment

Handy, convenient individual dose pouches come in an easy-to-use resealable bag. One pouch treats an entire tank. Dissolves instantly, eliminates odors on contact. Contains 15 treatments.

Prosource FH64018 Bungee Stretch Cord, Hook End, 30 in L, Green

Long-lasting, rubber braided cord. Vinyl-coated end hooks. Each piece is UPC tagged.