RV Water Heater Repair

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CAMCO 01023 Heat Trap, Iron, For: Water Heaters

Prevents heat escape through the inlet and outlet when flow stops. Color coded cold inlet and hot outlet. Meets AGA requirements. Self-cleaning fittings prevent corrosion. Dielectric insert thermoplastic lining. 3/4 in MPT x 3/4 in MPT x 3 in L MIP.

CAMCO 07133 Bilingual Gasket Kit

Everything needed to install flat, screw-in and universal flange elements. Contains one screw-in gasket, one universal flange gasket, one four hole gasket and four 1/4-20 x 3/4 in hex bolts.

CAMCO 07223 Bilingual Adapter Kit

Contains (1) 2-1/2 in 4-bolt, (1) screw-in gasket adapt-a-flange, (1) thermostat bracket, (1) four hole gasket and (4) 5/16 in to [no. 18] 5/8 in hex bolt-washers. Use a standard screw-in element to replace a flat, universal or round flange element using the element conversion kit.

CAMCO 09273 Universal Thermocouple Kit, For: RV LP Gas Water Heaters and Furnaces

With positioning adapters, fit RV gas water heaters and furnaces.

CAMCO 09973 Water Heater Element Tool, For: Electric Water Heater Elements

The CAMCO water heater element quick change tool helps you save time and water when changing your water heater element. Instead of emptying your entire water heater tank just to change the element, simply turn off the water at the water heater to create a vacuum. Securely attach the tool and place a bucket handle in the built-in groove to catch any excess water. Quickly change the element and remove the tool when you're done.

CAMCO 10023 Continuity Tester

Test your elements and thermostats while still in the water heater. 1 piece.