RV Winterizing

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CAMCO 35983 Heater Bypass Kit

Save on antifreeze, winterize with this easily-installed water heater by-pass kit. Sturdy, brass backflow preventer and 100% shut-off valve by-passes the water heater with a single turn. Carded.

CAMCO 36003 Hand Pump Kit

Pump antifreeze directly into RV waterlines and supply tanks. Kit comes with flexible connecting line, city water connection and water faucet adapters. Carded.

CAMCO 36153 Blow Out Plug, Brass

Completely clear your water lines with the CAMCO RV brass blow out plug. Screw the plug into the city water inlet, open all drains and faucets, attach and activate the air pump until all lines are clear.

US Hardware RV-200C Blow Out Plug, 50 psi Pressure, Plastic

Completely clears water lines of all water. Screw plug onto female hose inlet, open all drains and faucets and attach to air pump.