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Eaton Cooper Wiring BP29CL-SP Safety Outlet Cap, Thermoplastic, Clear

Increases child safety by covering electrical outlets when not in use by restricting access to live parts. Constructed of impact-resistant thermoplastic. UL listed.

Safety 1st 10404 Double-Touch Plug and Outlet Cover, White, For Standard Outlets

The Safety 1st plug and outlet cover helps prevent electrical shock, while conveniently guarding outlets in use. The 2-Piece design allows adults to easily plug and unplug electrical cords, while preventing children access to live outlets. It fits all standard outlets and installs over a wall plate.

Safety 1st 10436 Slam Stopper Finger Pinch Guard, Foam, White

The Safety 1st finger pinch guard protects fingers, both young and old, from accidentally getting pinched by a closing door. When the door is fully closed, it conveniently hangs on the doorknob where it's easy to access when needed again.

Safety 1st 11014 Furniture Wall Strap, Canvas, White

Helps prevent accidentally tipping over furniture. Durable canvas straps help secure furniture to wall. Ideal for bureaus, book cases, shelf unit and armoires.

Safety 1st 222 Blind Cord Wind-Up, White, For Dangling Window Blind Cords

Safety 1st window blind cord wind-ups help you keep your baby from playing with dangling blind cords. A cord wind-up safely stores any excess cord out of your child's reach, while still letting you easily operate the blinds.

Safety 1st 48919 Rear View Baby View Mirror, Black

This adjustable mirror helps parents keep an eye on children in the back seat. It can be used to view children riding in either rear-facing or forward-facing positions. It attaches easily to the rear window for a quick view of a rear-facing child right in your own rear view mirror. For forward-facing riders, the mirror clips to the visor giving you a better view of the back seat.

Safety 1st 48923 Automatic Roller Shade, Black

Help make car rides safer and more comfortable for your little one by shading them from the sun's harmful rays with a Safety 1st complete coverage rollershade. Choose between two installation methods: either clip the shade to the top of your car's roll-down window or apply it to a stationary window surface with the included suction cups. The third, integrated suction cup at the bottom of the shade helps to provide full-length coverage of the car window. The easy-release button rolls the shade up and out of the way quickly when not needed.

Safety 1st BR017CRE Top-Of-Mattress Bed Rail, Cream, For Twin, Full, Queen-Sized Mattresses

The top-of-mattress design eliminates potentially dangerous gaps between bed and bed rail. It provides a full 8 in of security above the mattress; fitting easily on a twin, full or queen-sized mattress with no loss of height. You can set the bed rail up quickly, just 3 mins from box to bed with no additional tools required. Once set up, you can confirm with a quick glance at the SecureTech indicator that everything is locked into the proper position and that your little one is ready to drift safely off to dreamland.

Safety 1st HS164 Corner Bumper, Foam, Espresso, For Tables, Counters, Home Furniture

This 4 pack of foam corners applies easily to tables, counters and other home furniture to soften them and help protect your child from unnecessary bumps and bruises. The sculpted, minimalistic design blends in with home decor. The easy-to-use adhesive strip keeps them securely fastened and removes easily when no longer needed.

Safety 1st HS224 Press and Pull Plug Protector, White

The protectors have rounded edges and a contoured shape that make it difficult for young children to grasp, but the press tab helps parents access the outlet when needed. This 20 pack of protectors gives you coverage for multiple rooms.

Safety 1st HS267 Safety Essential Kit, Plastic, White

This set includes 46-Piece to start you on your way to a safer home. Cabinet and drawer latches help prevent access to these areas in the kitchen, bathroom or other rooms in your home. Grip n twist door knob covers help keep your little explorer away from out-of-bounds rooms. There are also plenty of plug protectors that will give you coverage for multiple rooms and help prevent access to open outlets.