Scratch Awls

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DASCO PRO 431-0 Scratch Awl, 3-1/2 in L Shank, 3/4 in Dia Shank, Steel Handle

A handy, economical tool for both the contractor and do-it-yourselfers, the Dasco Pro giant circle beam compass lets you scribe accurate circles up to 10 ft in Dia or larger using a 1/2 in OD dowel rod, PVC or rigid metal tubing as the beam.

GENERAL 818 Scratch Awl, 3-1/2 in L Shank, Fluted Handle, Hardwood Handle

The alloy steel blade runs through the length of the handle and is also securely fastened to the steel ferrule. Withstands heavy-pressure and tough workloads. Great for scribing, perforating, punching and aligning holes.

STANLEY 69-122 Scratch Awl, 3-3/8 in L Shank, 3/16 in Dia Shank, Knob Handle, Hardwood Handle

Heat-treated and plated alloy steel blades hold up to repeated use and are corrosion resistance. Chrome-plated steel ferrule for added strength. Bright, smooth finish on bar. Machined hardwood handle. Bar diameter of 3/16 in and length 3-3/8 in.

Vulcan JLO-024 Scratch Awl, Plastic Handle

Vulcan Scratch Awl, Plastic Handle

Vulcan JLO-0243L Scratch Awl, High Impact Handle, Plastic Handle

Hardened and tempered steel blade with high-impact plastic handle. Can be used to start holes in soft wood and scribe or mark wood or other soft metals.