Seed Starting Soil

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Epsoma SS8 Seed Starter, 8 qt Bag

A rich, premium blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite that has been enriched with Myco-toneĀ®.

Jiffy G310 Seed Starter Mix, 10 qt Bag

Mix of peat moss and amendments for starting vegetable and flower seeds and for rooting cuttings. Lightweight composition for easy handling and for promoting drainage.

Jiffy G316 Seed Starter Mix, 16 qt Bag

Greenhouse quality mix. Excellent for cuttings. Ideal for growing flowers and vegetables.

sun gro BLACK GOLD 1411002.CFL001.5P Seedling Mix, 1-1/2 cu-ft Bag

Blend of double screened Canadian sphagnum peat moss and fine perlite gives seedlings the aeration and moisture retention they need for strong development. A wetting agent ensures rapid water penetration and the fine texture of this mix encourages high germination and easy transplanting. Use to germinate your seeds in flats, pots and plug trays. OMRI listed. Contains Resilience for stronger stems and improved root mass.