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Bonide 705 Soil Conditioner, Solid, Off-White, 4 lb Package, Bag

Helps lower soil pH for acid loving plants such as azaleas, camellias, gardenias, hemlock, hydrangeas, holly and more. Includes easy-to-follow chart. Works in all soil types.

ESPOMA E60 GL6 Garden Lime, Solid, Gray, Earthy, 6 lb Package

ESPOMA Organic Garden Lime, 6 lb, Solid, Earthy, Gray, Compositions: Limestone, Flammability Rating: 0

ESPOMA E60 VM1 Vermiculite, Solid, Gray, 1 cu-ft Package

ESPOMA Organic Vermiculite, 1 cu-ft, Solid, Gray, Compositions: Vermiculite

ESPOMA GG6 Garden Gypsum, Granular, 6 lb Package, Bag

Espoma garden gypsum is an all natural mineral that can help loosen clay soils, minimize salt damage to plants and help promote root growth.

Garden Magic 5240 Compost and Manure, Solid, Dark Brown/Light Brown, Faint Soil, 40 lb Package, Bag

Garden Magic compost and manure is an odor-free blend of natural organic reed sedge peat and composted animal manure. It provides a natural nutrient content, making it ideal for a wide range of plantings.

Jonathan Green Love Your Soil 12190 Organic Lawn Fertilizer, Granular, 18 lb Package, Bag

All natural and organic, Love Your Soil stimulates soil microbes and creates a biologically healthy soil. This soil food helps to loosen heavy, hard packed soils and releases trapped nutrients. You can grow better turf by creating better soil.

Landscapers Select 903071 Soil Conditioner with Humic and Iron, 30 lb Package, Bag

Landscapers Select Rapid Release Lime powered by AMP-XC is an enhanced lime product that activates faster than typical lime products to raise and balance pH levels in acidic soils. Balancing your soil pH reduces the toxic effects of acid soils, improves nutrient availability and creates a better soil environment for your lawn. AMP-XC is an all natural plant derived protein hydrolysate made up of essential amino acids that improves nutrient uptake, photosynthesis and root growth to strengthen against environmental stresses and improve overall plant health. Can be applied anytime, but for top results apply in the spring and fall. Annual application should continue to maintain a balanced pH level and to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

MICHIGAN PEAT 1640 Compost and Manure, Solid

Baccto Compost and Manure, Series: Wholly Cow, 40 qt Capacity, Bag, Composition: Blended Horticultural Peat, Composted Animal Manure Mix, Solid, Light Brown to Dark Brown, Faint Soil-Like Odor, 75 sq-ft Coverage, 3.5 - 7.5 pH, Standards: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200, OMRI Listed, For Nursery Plantings, New or Established Lawns, Compost Piles, Laying Sod, Flower and Vegetable Gardens

Oldcastle 50051550 Garden Lime, 40 lb Package, Bag

100% natural, fast-acting fine powder. Neutralizes soil acidity and enhances fertilizer effects. Supplies calcium and magnesium to vegetable and flower gardens.

Oldcastle 54050860 Pelletized Lawn Lime, 40 lb Package, Bag

Oldcastle Pelletized Lawn Lime, Package Size: 40 lb, Package Type: Bag, 1000 sq-ft Coverage Area

PAVESTONE 54801 Soil Conditioner, Pellet, White, 40 lb Package, Bag

Sweetens soil, dissolves quickly. Easy to apply, use any spreader. Dust-free and non-burning. Must be ordered in multiples to comply with Bagged Goods Program.

Premier 0082P Peat Moss, 3.8 cu-ft Package, Bale

Ideal for large planting applications such as flower beds, hedges, shrubs, trees, gardens and establishing new lawn areas. Suited for indoor and outdoor horticultural applications. Conditions all soils by improving aeration, water drainage and nutrient/water retention. Must be ordered in multiples to comply with Bagged Goods Program.

SOIL DOCTOR 54055006 Pelletized Gypsum Soil Conditioner, Brown, Lignin, 40 lb Package, Bag

SOIL DOCTOR Pelletized Gypsum Soil Conditioner, 40 lb, Bag, Lignin, Brown, Specific Gravity: 2.32

sun gro Sunshine 108 2.50 CFL P Professional Growing Mix, Granular, Brown, Earthy, 2-1/2 cu-ft Package, Bag

Designed to promote better root development in ornamental and vegetable transplant plugs. Ideal for cutting propagation, bedding plants, vegetable plants, hanging baskets, pot crops, container planting and seed germination. Also suitable for nursery stock, perennials and interior-scape. Can be used straight from the bag for use as a potting medium and requires no additional ingredients. Formulated with Canadian sphagnum peat moss, fine perlite, low nutrient charge (with Gypsum) and dolomitic limestone. Contains Resilience for stronger stems and improved root mass.

sun gro Sunshine 1410403 8 QT P Peat Moss, 8 qt Package, Bag

Contains Peat moss plus, an organic wetting agent to aid in rewetting the peat moss. Ideal general purpose soil conditioner for acid loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, roses, conifers, heather and blueberries. Minimizes damaging nutrients loss by adding peat moss to your soil. Also helpful in seeding or repairing new and existing lawns. Stimulates root development, soil aeration and water retention. OMRI listed.

sun gro Sunshine 1410702.CFL001.5P Soil Builder Mix Bag, Bag

Use to amend new or existing beds, install trees, shrubs and perennials or whenever you need to improve any type of ground soil. Enriches soil with needed organic matter to increase moisture retention and promote aeration and drainage. Apply to new or existing garden beds or when planting perennials, shrubs or trees.

sun gro Sunshine 1491302 Soil Conditioner, Solid, Earthy, 50 lb Package, Bag

Low salt organic material. Coconut coir pith (Just Coir). Adds organic matter to garden or flower bed. All natural water retention amendment for your planting or native soil needs. Increases water holding capacity to a sandy soil. Can be blended with other "Black Gold" soils. OMRI listed.

sun gro Sunshine 5047040.CFC003P Growing Mix Bag, Granular, Brown, Faint Earthy, Bag

Contains a higher amount of horticultural Perlite for plants that prefer greater air porosity. Our classic #4 boosted with endomycorrhizae. Also contains RESiLIENCE® for stronger stems and improved root mass. 3.0 CF compressed bales (expands to up to 6 CF).