Soldering Abrasives

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Harvey 095005 Sandcloth, 120-Grit, Aluminum Oxide

E-Z clean abrasive sandcloth is a flexible yet strong cotton fabric combined with a tough, hard 120-grit aluminum oxide abrasive to provide faster cleaning. Two layers of a special adhesive and water-resistant resin make a plumber's roll that provides consistently stronger solder joints.

Oatey 31321 Sandcloth, 180-Grit, Aluminum Oxide

Very long-lasting sharp cutting abrasive for working with copper, brass or aluminum. 180 open mesh cloth is fully waterproof and may easily be cleaned with water for repeated use. An open nylon fabric with a phenolic resin adhesive provides a rugged, waterproof aluminum oxide cloth of excellent quality. Packaged in a dispenser box for clean storage. Carded.

Oatey 31409 Grit Pad, Coarse, Nylon

Will not tear or rust. For cleaning pipe and fittings and general use. Contains two 2 x 6 in coarse-grade nylon pads.

Oatey 31411 Sandcloth, 120-Grit, Aluminum Oxide

Oatey® Plumber's abrasive sandcloth blends a lightweight but strong cotton-based fabric with a tough aluminum abrasive for cleaning copper pipe, fittings and other soft metals.

Plumb Pak PP855-3 Sandcloth

For smoothing pipes to create secure connections.