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Perky-Pet 90 Hummingbird Swing, Beaded, Steel

The Perky-Pet® beaded copper finish hummingbird perch is an elegant addition to your array of hummingbird accessories. Simply hang near your feeders or close to nectar-producing flowers and soon you'll see the little dynamos making use of it. Hummingbirds will use the perch to wait for an opening at your feeder and flowers or to take a break after they've had their fill of nectar. It's also good to position one of these perches near water sources too, since birds of different species will often avoid congregating in bird baths at the same time. The perch, which measures about 5 in wide and close to 7.25 in tall isn't just for hummingbirds either. Any bird will be happy to use it for a resting spot since it provides an unobstructed view in all directions. For photographers, the perch also provides an opportunity for picture-taking, birds are likely to remain on the beaded copper finish hummingbird perch for a minute or two and that means they will be sure to strike just the right pose.