Specialty Clamps

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Festool 491594 Quick Clamp, 6-1/4 in Max Opening Size, Steel Body

The perfect complement to the Festool MFT or guide rail system, the Festool quick clamp secures your workpiece for precision cutting, sanding, routing, sanding or just about any other application. Ratcheting mechanism enables easy locking and quick release for a secure grip on your material. Designed to work seamlessly with holes and channels on the Festool MFT multi-function table and can be inserted into bottom t-slot of Festool FS guide rails for limitless positioning. Clamping thickness 6-5/8 in (168 mm). Includes 1 clamp.

IRWIN 226100 Band Clamp, 350 lb Clamping, 14 in Max Opening Size, 1 in D Throat, Nylon Body, Blue/Silver Body

For use on large and irregular-shaped projects; the mechanical clamp parts are made of metal, the nylon band can hold up to 350 lb.

IRWIN 226410 Angle Clamp, 200 lb Clamping

Designed to hold materials up to 3 in thick, at 90 deg angle.

Kreg KBC3 Bench Clamp, 3 in D Throat

These versatile clamps are perfect for creating flush-fitting assemblies with Kreg Joinery and they're great for project assembly, routing, cutting, sanding, drilling and more. Bench clamps work with clamp trak and plates, the clamp table, mobile project center and more to secure workpieces using an extra-large padded clamp face that evenly distributes clamping force.

Kreg KBC3-SYS Bench Clamp System, 3 in D Throat

The Bench clamp system combines a versatile 3 in bench clamp with an anodized-aluminum clamp plate to create a 360 deg clamping station that can be recessed into just about any wood surface, such as a workbench, sawhorse or worktable. The plate gets recessed into the surface. That way, the clamp can be removed by sliding it out of the keyhole slot in plate and the plate won't interfere with a flat work surface.

TASK T74520 Clamping Mount, Rubber Body

Rubberized clamping arms for added protection. Compatible with T43601 portable LED work light. Mounts laser levels, flood lights and camera tripod arms to a quick-support od. Metal arm extends out 12 in (30.5 cm). Adjustable to several different angles. Can be set up and ready to use within seconds. Unique to the TASK QSR system.