Specialty Kitchen Gadgets

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CHEF CRAFT 20808 Dough Scraper, 6 in L, 4 in W, Plastic

The Chef Craft dough scraper is made of durable plastic which provides for a little flex so it can be used to scrape multiple surfaces. It has a thin edge which makes it great for not only scraping, but also can be used to cut dough. The Chef Craft dough scraper is a great addition to any home bakers arsenal of baking tools.

CHEF CRAFT 20963 Corkscrew, Steel/Wood

This simple classic is still around for a reason. Its wood handle looks great on display and it is easy-to-use. Hand wash only to assure long-lasting beauty in the handle.

CHEF CRAFT 21075 Corn Holder

Sick of burning your fingers on hot corn cobs while butter runs down your hand. With these corn holders, eating corn is easy. Just insert the pins into the ends of the corn and not only will your mess be reduced, but you'll enjoy your corn more.

CHEF CRAFT 21531 Rolling Pin, 17 in L, Wood

The Chef Craft wooden rolling pin works great for multiple kinds of baking. Pivoting handles make for easier rolling as you do not have to adjust your grip. It is a standard size at 17 in which makes it great for most baking. As with all wood products, it is best when hand washed.

Con-Tact KTCH-CGP003-24 Gripper Pad

Use to open stubborn lids. For jars of all sizes. four-piece set. 5-1/2 in round.

Good Grips 1071499 Cherry and Olive Pitter, 5-3/4 in L, 1-1/4 in W, 4-3/4 in H, Zinc

The cherry and olive pitter's removable splatter shield keeps juices contained and directed downward. Large holder accommodates bing cherries and a recessed cup holds smaller varieties of cherries and olives. Comfortable non-slip handles absorb pressure while you squeeze.

Good Grips 11111900V1 Strawberry Huller, 1-3/8 in L, 1-3/8 in W, 2-3/4 in H, Stainless Steel

With a push of the Strawberry Huller's button, slide its blades out and insert them into a strawberry. Twist to remove the hull and leaves, pull the Huller out, then push the button again to pop out and discard the hull and leaves. Huller comes completely apart for easy cleaning.

HIC 527 Counter Connector, 22-3/4 in L, 2 in W, Plastic

Prevents drips and spills between stove and counter, counter and refrigerator.

LEE MFG 5402 Corn Cutter, Stainless Steel

Use to remove sweet corn from cob quickly and easily. Can be used to prepare whole kernel or cream-style corn for freezing, canning or immediate consumption. Available in original wooden body design or fabricated with stainless steel body. Comes packaged in full color poly bag.

NORPRO 5119 Cherry and Olive Pitter, 7-1/4 in L, 1 in W, 1-3/4 in H, Aluminum

Use to take the pit out of a cherry. Can also pit olives.

NORPRO 559 Instant Heater, Brass

For warming liquids. Lightweight and portable heater is ideal for home, office or dorm use, ideal for traveling. 300 W, 120 V.

NORPRO FG2 Cork Puller, 7 in L, 2 in W, 1-1/4 in H, Steel

Ideal for kitchen, bar or picnics. Lets you comfortably ease corks from their bottles. Great stainless steel construction ensures durability and strength.

ORCA ORCCHHNBLK Chaser Handle, Polymer

Holds your Chaser securely in place for hours of drinking pleasure. Dishwasher-safe. Fits All ORCA 27 oz. Chasers. Made of reinforced outer polymer and soft grip elastomer.

Progressive GT-3009 Corkscrew, Plastic

Hand wash, plastic and chrome.

Seymour S400 Series 49085 Rice Shovel, 59 in L, 9 in W, 5 in H, Hardwood/Steel

Used for rice farming and irrigation. The perforations allow drainage and ease of suction break.

Weston 07-0301 Burger Press, 0.25 to 0.75 lb Capacity, Aluminum

Use this adjustable, non-stick burger press to make perfect, uniform burger patties that cook evenly and don't fall apart on the grill. Markings on the handle ensure precise patty weight so that you can make quarter pound (4 oz), third pound (5.3 oz ), half pound (8 oz) or three quarter pound (12 oz) burgers.

Weston 83-8002-W Heavy Duty Large Meat Lug, 50 lb 19 in L x 13-3/4 in W x 7 in H, Polyethylene

Weston Meat Lug, Heavy Duty, Large, 50 lb Capacity, 19 in Length, 13-3/4 in Width, 7 in Height, Polyethylene, Standards: FDA Approved, For Handling and Mixing Meat When Making Sausages or Burgers