Spill Absorbents & Sweeping Compounds

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Cotto-Waxco HP1 Sweeping Compound, 10 lb Package

Cotto-Waxco Sweeping Compound, Package Size: 10 lb, Gold

EP Minerals 7508 Granular Absorbent, 8 lb Package, Bag, Solid, Odorless

Safety Absorbent™ and Safe T Sorb® are premium calcined clay all-purpose absorbents designed for the quick cleanup of water, oil and grease and made from montmorillonite clay, a naturally occurring mineral with superior absorptive ability. Safety Absorbent™ and Safe T Sorb® are available in a paper bag or in a leak-resistant and moisture-resistant poly bag.

EP Minerals 8440 Granular Absorbent, 40 lb Package, Poly Bag, Solid, Odorless

Ep Minerals mines and produces the two most commonly used granular absorbents for the automotive industry, Diatomaceous earth (DE) and montmorillonite clay. Today, Ep Minerals' brands are highly recognized throughout the automotive industry and are distributed by many of the major automotive aftermarket retailers and distributors. The industry has trusted the performance, quality and service of Ep Minerals' products for more than 30 years. Thrifty-Sorb® (clay) product is used in high traffic areas requiring continuous, superior absorption and additional safety features, these larger coarse granulars offer less breakdown and better traction in areas where spills have been absorbed. This product is kiln-fired (calcined) to eliminate potential product breakdown and provides versatile use for all non-aggressive fluids in the automotive industry.

Kleen Sweep+ 1812 Sweeping Compound, 50 lb Package, Bag, Granular

Kleen Sweep+ Sweeping Compound, Package Size: 50 lb, Package Type: Bag, Granular, Green

SORB-ALL 3000 Sweeping Compound, 50 lb Package

Compound is recommended for painted surfaces, non-waxed floors and glass like floors that are resilient to oil. Contains no grit or sand and will not scratch floor surface. Compound is very effective for entrapping siliceous (sand like) dirt and dust. Color of sweeping compound is red.

SORB-ALL 3002 Sweeping Compound, 50 lb Package

Compound is recommended for fine finished floors, (i.e. resilient, terrazzo, asphalt, rubber, cork, marble and composition). It is safe to use on waxed floors. Compound does not contain oil or sand-grit so it will not scratch or disintegrate floor surfaces. Color of sweeping compound is green.

SORB-ALL 3401 Sweeping Compound, 100 lb Package

Compound formulated of wood fiber, sand-grit and oil. Compound creates an attractor for dust and dirt. For removing clay-type dirt and dust from floor surfaces. Recommended for use on unfinished wood and concrete floors (i.e. warehouse and factory floors).

Zep HDSWEEP50 Sweeping Compound, 50 lb Package, Bag, Solid, Odorless

Sweeping compound controls dust on both hard and soft floors for safe and effective cleaning. The non-toxic, oil-based formula holds down dust to reduce the risk of inhalation. It leaves behind no residue, making it ideal for use on cement, concrete and marble floors in offices, homes, warehouses, stores and garages.

Zep ZUABS3 Spill Absorbent, 3 lb Package, Bag, Granular, Odorless

Instant spill absorber traps and encapsulates liquids in a matter of seconds. The dust-free formula is ultra-lightweight, making it easy to sweep and remove. The product is perfect for absorbing oils, wasted paint, antifreeze and solvents. It is 15 times more absorbent than clay products.