Squirrel Feeders & Food

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Audubon Park 12757 Ear Corn, 8 lb

This nutritious snack can be fed on the ground, in a platform feeder, or in a squirrel feeder. Birding enthusiasts may want to feed the squirrels in a spot removed from their bird feeders to avoid competition at the feeders.

Cole's CM05 Critter Munchies, 5 lb Bag

When we created Critter Munchies™ years ago there was nothing else like it. Today it's still the ideal mix for people who like to feed nature's little critters or just distract them from the bird feeder! Works well in a platform feeder or scattered on the ground.

Heath 903-2 Squirrel Feeder

Providing squirrels with their own feeding station can help discourage them from feeding at bird feeders. The Heath outdoor products squirrel feeder is constructed of durable, decay-resistant cedar and may be pole-mounted or tree-mounted. This feeder holds 1 corn cob or 1 Heath corn log. Pre-drilled holes and screws are included.

Perky-Pet 114 Squirrel Stumper Feeder, 3 lb Capacity, Metal/Plastic, Clear

This Squirrel Stumper™ wild bird feeder features a squirrel-resistant metal cage that helps prevent squirrel damage, so the feeder lasts longer. The feeder's metal cage also helps deter squirrels from raiding the seed ports, while its twist lock top not only allows for quick, easy filling, but also makes it possible to lock the lid in place, helping to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed through the top.

Stokes Select 38079 Squirrel Feeder, 5.71 lb Capacity, Metal

Give squirrels their own lunch box and divert them from bird feeders with the Stokes Select® squirrel lunch box. Fill it up with whole peanuts, critter snack food or shelled corn and watch the squirrels lift the lid for food. The squirrel lunch box mounts to a tree and has a 5.71 lb capacity, with durable metal construction to withstand weather.