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Gumout 5072866 Starting Fluid, 11 oz Package, Aerosol Can

Engines need the right conditions to perform properly. If temperatures drop too low, gasoline can have problems evaporating, making it harder to burn. Extreme humidity can also have an effect on fuel's performance. Gumout® starting fluid helps engines start in all types of extreme weather, while conditioning fuel and engine parts to prevent friction and corrosion.

MOTOR MEDIC M3815 Starting Fluid, 11 oz Package, Aerosol Can

To promote quick starting of gasoline and diesel engines under extreme cold conditions down to -65 deg F. Saves battery and ignition during cold weather. Contains upper cylinder lubricant and corrosion inhibitors. Spray fluid directly into air cleaner of air intake before starting engine. Avoid spraying for over 5 secs per attempt. If engine still refuses to start repeat procedure for up to 3 times. Aerosol can.

MOTOR MEDIC M3911 Starting Fluid, 7.5 oz Package, Aerosol Can

Designed for all gasoline engines and diesel engines without glow plugs, fits injector bracket on most diesel trucks and heavy equipment, effective to -65 deg F.