Steamer Replacement Parts

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Presto 09911 Pressure Cooker Air Vent, Automatic

Allows excess steam to escape. Used on models manufactured before 1977.

Presto 09915 Overpressure Plug

Used on Presto® pressure cookers and canners built after 1977. Steam is automatically released by the overpressure plug if the vent pipe becomes clogged and excess pressure cannot be released normally.

Presto 09978 Pressure Regulator, Gray

The pressure regulator fits onto the vent pipe to indicate when 15 lb pressure is reached and controls pressure in the unit. A gentle rocking motion of the pressure regulator indicates that proper cooking pressure is being maintained.

Presto 85453 Pressure Cooker Body Handle, For: A403A, A403AD, A414A, A403AT, A409, A410A, A411A, A412A Pressure Cooker

Fits underneath cover handle on the same model numbers as cover handle #85239.

Presto PressureTru 09914 Pressure Cooker Indicator, For: 103, 104, 106, 204, 206, 403, 404 Pressure Cooker

Sits on vent pipe and maintains pressure levels inside pressure cooker/canner.