Stove Pipe Roof Support Kits

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SELKIRK 283870 Pellet Stove Kit, Thru-The-Wall, Stainless Steel

For pellet and corn appliances. Kit contains 3 in horizontal cap, 3 in 90 deg elbow, 3 in wall bracket, five 3 in 1 ft pipe lengths, 3 in tee with cleanout, 3 in wall thimble and 3 in pipe connector. System rated for flue temperatures up to 570 deg. Proven coupling joint connects in seconds to assure joint integrity. Gasketed joint design. Inner wall is 304 stainless steel, outer wall is paintable galvanized. Rolled-over male end eliminates sharp edges. 1 in clearance to combustibles. Removable tee cap for inspection and cleaning. Internal spacing bead assures uniform insulating air space between pipe walls. Meets UL-641 and UL-103.