Stripping Brushes

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ALLWAY TOOLS PBS Stripper Brush, Nylon Trim

Solvent proof handle. Soft grip. 7 in L x 1-1/4 in W.

DQB 08356 Stripping Brush, Brass/Poly Trim, Plastic Handle

For removing paint, varnish and stain and cleaning tile, grout, stoves and small parts. Bottom 6 rows of crimped white polypropylene, trimmed 5/8 in. Top 3 rows of crimped brass wire, angled from tip, trimmed 1/2 in. Handle 7 in sturdy molded plastic in assorted colors with hanging hole.

DQB 11740 Stippling Brush, 13.91 in L X 10.36 in W Brush, Horsehair/Poly Blend Trim, Hardwood Handle

For use with plaster or texture paints on ceilings and walls. For making stippled, swirled or sponged effects. Flared bristles provide a wide working surface. Trimmed to 3 in with black horsehair and polypropylene bristle blend staple-set in a 5-1/2 in hardwood block plus one threaded handle hole.

HYDE 46811 Grout Brush, 2-1/4 x 5/8 in Brush, Brass Trim

Flexible brass grout brush with 5/8 in bristles for areas where non-sparking cleaning must be done for safety and where chemicals can react to metals. Over mold handle.

HYDE 46812 Grout Brush, 2-1/4 x 5/8 in Brush, Stainless Steel Trim

Stiff stainless steel grout brush with 5/8 in bristles for use in water or wet applications. Over mold handle.

Marshalltown 832 Stippling Brush, 5 in Dia Brush, Horsehair/Polypropylene Trim

Bristles of gray horsehair and polypropylene. Block with molded hand grip. Slightly flared bristles. Threaded center hole, threaded side hole and tapered side hole. Applications: use for stippled, swirled or sponged effects with plaster or texture paints.