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Bonide 46310 Fly Swatter, Plastic Mesh

Galvanized twisted metal handles and flexible plastic heads. Heads are fused onto handles. Durable for use. Assorted colors.

Enoz R-37/51/12 Fly Swatter, Plastic Mesh, Green/Orange/Pink/Purple Mesh

Plastic blade 4-5-1/2 in. Rust-resistant galvanized wire handle. Assorted colors are orange, green, pink and purple.

Enoz R38.24/73/73 Fly Swatter, Screen Cloth Mesh

Screen cloth blade size 4-1/4 in x 6-1/4 in. Rust-resistant galvanized wire handle.

Pic 274 Fly Swatter, Plastic Mesh

Flexible, plastic fly swatters in 4 assorted neon colors. Won't scratch surfaces or tear for long life. Basket weave design swatter size of 3-1/2 in x 5 in.

Pic 274-DISP Fly Swatter Display, Plastic Mesh

Plastic fly swatters in assorted colors. Won't scratch or tear for long life. Flexible basket weave design swatter. 144 fly swatters per display.

Quickie 11190 Fly Swatter, Cornflower Blue/Lime/Maize Mesh

Comfortable, Quickie style grip. One-piece design provides secure flex. Large 5 in head. Available in lime, maize and cornflower blue colors.