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GB IRT200 Infrared Thermometer, -26 to 716 deg F, LCD Display

The IR thermometers allow for critical temperature measurements to be taken without having to touch an energized circuit. The D:S ratio or (Distance to Spot Ratio), is a rating used to state the distance, in feet, that the test unit should be from the target in order to measure a one foot diameter section. In other words, a 12:1 D:S Ratio means that from 12 ft away, the test unit is measuring a one foot diameter section of the target.

GENERAL IRTC50 Infrared Thermometer with Tricolor Light Panel, -40 to 428 deg F, 0.1 deg Resolution, LCD Display

The #IRTC50 scanning laser thermometer is optimized for energy auditing. Its features and specs should also appeal to building inspectors, HVAC technicians, electricians, manufacturing technicians, food processing inspectors and homeowners.

GENERAL ToolSmart TS05 Infrared Thermometer Kit, -40 to 1076 deg F, 1 deg Resolution

The ToolSmart™ infrared thermometer makes identifying hot or cold spots in your home easy. These areas are signs that energy is being wasted especially around older windows and doors. With the free ToolSmart™ app you can apply temperature readings to images for quick reference, ideal for indicating where weather-stripping and insulation is most needed. Stop wasting energy, save money and ensure that your family stays comfortable in your home.