Tile Floats

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Homax 00080 Grout Float, Plastic, Yellow

Homax grout float is great for spreading grout into joints. Constructed of heavy-duty, high-impact polystyrene. Durable and lightweight. Easy-to-use and comfortable to hold. Grout won't stick to the high-density foam bottom.

Marshalltown 14424 Float, 12 in L, 4 in W, Comfort-Grip Handle, Neoprene, Black

Aluminum backing plate is permanently bonded to the non-porous 1/4 in black neoprene pad. Comfortable handle. For brown coat, quartz or marble finishes.

Marshalltown 16266 Grout Float, 10 in L, 4-1/4 in W, Plastic Foam

Intended for disposal after use. For tile grouting.

Marshalltown 43 Grout Float, 9 in L, 4 in W, Gum Rubber

Pure gum rubber face is bonded to the dense rubber pad and then cemented to an aluminum backing plate with a smooth handle. Edges are beveled and the two front corners are rounded for ease of spreading. Dense rubber pad is designed specifically for tile grouting.

M-D 49174 Grout Spreader, 9-1/2 in L, 3-1/2 in W

Grouting tool for spreading tile grout.

M-D 49837 Margin Float, 4 in L, 2 in W, Ergonomic Handle, Gum Rubber

Gum rubber face bonded to beveled rubber pad with ergonomic thermo plastic resin handles. For grouting hard-to-reach areas.

Vulcan MJ-T08011-2003L Grout Spreader, 8 in L

Rubber blade and wooden handle.