Tile Grout Sponges

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Aqua Sponge AF2L Utility Sponge, 6-1/4 in L, 4-1/4 in W, 2-1/8 in Thick, Polyester

Our Aqua AF2L fine pore utility polyester sponge is made from hydrophilated polyester, the most absorbent foam. Because of its size, shape and durability, the AF2L is often used by tile and grout professionals. The AF2L polyester sponge stays soft (wet or dry), floats, is resistant to organic solvents and can be sterilized by boiling. Because of its utility, this sponge can be used for all types of masonry, painting, texturing and general cleaning projects.

Armaly ProPlus 603 Grouting and Concrete Sponge, 7-1/2 in L, 5-1/4 in W, 2-1/4 in Thick, Polyester

Armaly ProPlus® grouting and concrete sponges are made with our HDQ polyester sponge material. This time tested formula provides superior strength and a cell structure that wipes and rinses excess grout and concrete faster. The sponge is shaped with rounded edges that are designed to minimize digging out or scoring of grout lines, to meet the demands of the professional setter.

Duro-Cel 03085 Turtleback Sponge, 7-3/4 in L, 3-3/4 in W, 2-1/8 in Thick, Cellulose

The T85S Duro-Cel cellulose sponge is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and masonry work. Its turtleback shape provides for easy grip combined with its durability makes this the most popular sponge in the hardware industry. Made with flax, for added strength and absorbency, the T85 turtleback cellulose sponge is also chemical resistant. It is ideal for use as a disposable masonry float.

Marshalltown 16587 Turtleback Sponge, Green

General-purpose cellulose sponge. Shape conforms to hand. Holds water very well and washes clean. For wiping down walls, floors and wallpaper.

Marshalltown TGS1 Extra Large Tile Grout Sponge, 7-1/4 in L, 5-1/8 in W, 2-3/8 in Thick

Used to wipe excess grout from joints. Corners rounded to prevent digging or marring joints.

M-D 49152 Tile Cleaning Sponge, 7 in L, 5 in W, Yellow

Clean-up of grout haze and hardened grout.

M-D 49156 Double-Textured Scrubbing Sponge, 7 in L, 5 in W, Yellow

Clean-up of grout haze and hardened grout.