Urinal Blocks & Screens

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CONTINENTAL COMMERCIAL 165-3 Urinal Block with Screen, 4 oz Capacity, Citrus, Orange, 6, Carton

4 oz enzymatic deodorant block contains surfactants and chelating agents to clean and deodorize for 30 days (up to 2000 flushes) coloring agents are released with each flush so you know that it's working. Increased ventilation reduces potential splash back. Flexible screen traps more debris to prevent costly drain clogs.

FRESH PRODUCTS 3PB-F-20 Urinal Block, 3 oz Capacity, Cherry, Pink, Case

The Para Urinal block and screen freshens and cleans the urinal while protecting the drain from costly clogs. The "non-splash' design reduces splash back, keeping liquids where they belong and saving you cleaning time.

FRESH PRODUCTS DS-F-20 Urinal Screen, Cherry, Case

This inexpensive drain protection for your urinal can save you from expensive clogs. The pliable screen traps debris for extra-drain protection while leaving behind a fresh scent.