Washer & Dryer Accessories

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Campco 20752 Washing Machine Drain Pan, Plastic/Polypropylene, White, Matte

High-impact white polypropylene. Includes PVC drain fitting. Bottom or side fitting (not pre-cut).

Delta 00054 Vent Brush, 10 ft L

Cleans dryer ducts from inside the home to outside. 10 ft dryer duct cleaning brush with plastic handle and coated wire. 4 in rigid brush for removing lint blockages. Improves efficiency and saves energy.

Fernco PHG-1 Drain Hose Connector, -30 to 140 deg F Temperature Rating, PVC

Securely connects washer's drain hose to any standard laundry standpipe and holds it firmly in place. Fits both 2 and 1-1/2 in standpipes and most washing machine hoses from 1 to 1-7/16 in Dia. Built from strong, flexible PVC. Carded.

GENOVA Novavent 740151 Automatic Vent Valve, Solvent Weld, Threaded Connection, PVC

Eliminates expensive secondary vent stacks through the roof. Automatically works to prevent loss of trap seal. Made for use with sinks, basins, tubs, showers, vanities and washing machines.

Mueller 102-207 Heavy-Duty Washing Machine Shut-Off Valve, 1/2 in MPT x 1/2 in Male Hose, Brass

Single lever control. Ball valve construction. 3/4 in hose thread outlet. Hose threads comply with B1.20.7. Solder ends comply with ANSI B16.18. Threaded ends comply with ANSI B1.20.1.

Oatey 39177 Low-Lead MIP Shock Absorber, 1/2 in Fitting Size, 250 deg F Maximum Temperature, 200 psi Maximum Pressure

Oatey?? Quiet Pipes water hammer absorbers are designed to reduce water pipe banging noise caused by quick-closing valves. It protects plumbing appliances and fixtures from the effects of water hammer.

Oatey Quadtro 38568/38822 Washing Machine Outlet Box, Polystyrene

The Quadtro push connect washing machine outlet box is the ultimate solution for installation flexibility. The push connect system makes joining copper, CVPC or PEX pipe simple and fast, without soldering, crimping or solvent welding. Simply insert the pipe into the valve and it instantly locks to create a ideal seal. The disconnect tool also makes it easy to disassemble the pipe and re-use the valves.

Plumb Pak PP820-46 Lint Trap with Twist Tie, Nylon/Plastic

Lint Trap with Twist Tie, Nylon/Plastic, 7 in W x 10 in H Dimensions

Plumb Pak PP850-15 Filter Hose Washer with Screen

Filter Hose Washer with Screen, 1-7/8 in W x 3-3/4 in H Dimensions