Water Filter Accessories

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Culligan 01019187 Mount Bracket, Heavy-Duty, For: Culligan HF-150, HF-360 Water Filter Housings

Single housing bracket is a "U" shaped mounting bracket for 3/4 in inlet/outlet standard whole house housings. The UB-1 mounts standard whole house water filter housings and helps support the weight of the water filter. Screws are included with the UB-1 mounting bracket for securing the water filter housing to the wall. Use with: Culligan HF-150 (883.4442) and Culligan HF-360 (306.9820) water filter housings.

Culligan 01019193 Mount Bracket, Heavy-Duty, Aluminum, For: HD-950 Whole House Filters

Mount bracket for Culligan HD-950 (568.3057), heavy-duty whole house sediment water filter.

Pentair OMNIFilter BF7-S-S06 Whole House Filter Housing

OMNIFilter's BF7 heavy-duty whole house 10 in water filter system is designed to meet the high flow and large capacity of larger homes with 1 in incoming water lines and is ideal for both well water and city water applications. The system easily attaches to any 1 in incoming water line to filter water for the whole house. Includes a 30 micron heavy-duty whole house RS6 pleated sediment cartridge; however, you can customize it to your filtration requirements by using any number of OMNIFilter heavy-duty whole house cartridges.

Pentair OMNIFilter K4-DC6-S18 O-Ring Kit

OMNIFilter's K4 undersink drinking water O-ring kit is for use with OMNIFilter filter housings OT32, CBF1, CBF3, USM3, SFM2, OCT2, RO2000 and RO2050. Kit contains 4 different sized O-rings and silicone lubricant.

Pentair OMNIFilter OW30-DC6-S06 Housing Wrench, Under-Sink

OMNIFilter's OW30 replacement housing wrench for use with the OMNIFilter CBF1, CBF3, OT32, SFM2, USM2 and U30 systems.

Summit PF65N Filtermate

Summit Filtermate, Summit, 5 lb Capacity, Crystal, Dark Metallic Purple, Odorless Odor/Scent, Composition: Potassium Permanganate, 2.7 Specific Gravity