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Kiwi 70414 Boot Protector, Transparent, 10.5 oz Can

For work and outdoor boots. Unique silicone formula bonds to leather and fabrics to create an extremely tough barrier, while still allowing materials to breathe. Ideal for work, hunting, hiking and other outdoor boots and shoes. Odorless when dried and cured.

Kiwi 70415 Boot Protector, Transparent, 4.25 oz Can

For everyday water and stain protection for fine leather and fabric shoes. For all colors. Fast drying formula.

Kiwi 70417/21800 Boot Protector, Transparent, 10.5 oz Can

Provides long-lasting protection while allowing leathers, canvas and nylon to breathe. Contains a high level of silicone for optimum protection and is odorless when dry. Coverage varies depending on item and size.

RUFFIN'IT 1N6958-1 Repellant Boot Protector, Liquid, 10.5 oz Can

RUFFIN'IT Repellant Boot Protector, Package Size: 10.5 oz, Package Type: Can, Liquid, Composition: Silicon

S. C. JOHNSON & SON 70301 Conditioning Oil, 2.625 oz

S. C. JOHNSON & SON Conditioning Oil, 2.625 oz Capacity, For Outdoor Use