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Wild Bird Feeders

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Audubon Park 11236 Seed Cake Basket Feeder

Audubon Park Seed Cake Basket Feeder

Audubon Park 12331 Suet Basket Feeder

Audubon Park Suet Basket Feeder

C&S Nuggets CS753 Wild Bird Feeder, 11-1/4 in H, 24 oz, Plastic, Green

This feeder makes nugget feeding easy. Designed specifically for wild bird Nuggets, peanuts or sunflower seeds. Perches included. Holds 16 to 24 oz of bird food. No assembly required. 3 in L x 3 in W x 11.25 in H.

Glamos Wire 220000 Bird Perch/Food Holder, Powder-Coated

Perch is a fun and easy way to feed our feathered friends. Simply hang the feeder in your yard, choose your favorite feed and watch them flock to your feeder.

HEATH 152-2 Hopper Bird Feeder, 3 lb, Cedar Wood, Hanging Mounting

Easy-fill feeder, holds mixed seed. Completely assembled from 1/2 in wood with rope hanger.

HEATH 2304 Suet Feeder, Metal

Decorative copper-colored leaves highlight the HEATH Outdoor Products Copper Leaf Suet feeder. The feeder holds 1 standard-sized suet or seed cake. It is equipped with a chain for easy hanging in your favorite location and the front panel opens for easy filling.

HEATH 655 Suet-n-Seed Bird Feeder, Cedar Wood, 10 in H

The classic style Gatehouse Suet-n-Seed bird feeder is constructed of durable, weather-resistant cedar and holds 3 lb of mixed seed. Two caged areas each hold one standard-sized suet cake or small seed cake. Perches on both sides provide plenty of space for birds to feed. A durable hanging cable is attached. The plastic side panels remove for cleaning.

HEATH CF-133 Clementine Oriole Feeder, 2 oz, Steel, Orange

Durable UV-resistant powder-coated steel. Uniquely designed to resemble an orange half. The included removable glass cup is ideal for feeding grape jelly, nectar or mealworms. 2 spikes are ideal for orange halves. Just hang and fill.

HEATH FS-1-8 Bird Feed Scoop and Funnel, For: Feeders of All Sizes

Designed to easily fill feeders of all sizes. Use the open scoop for filling large feeders. The damper opens with the flip of a thumb and the hollow handle converts to a funnel for filling small feeders.

HEATH HB-1 Squirrel Baffle, Polycarbonate, For: Hanging Bird Feeder

Stop squirrels from feeding at your hanging feeders with the HEATH™ outdoor products hanging squirrel baffle. Designed to tip at the slightest touch, this baffle works with any hanging feeder. It's made from high strength polycarbonate plastic and is UV-resistant for long-lasting protection.

HEATH S-1-8 Single Suet Feeder, Metal

The HEATH Outdoor Products suet feeder makes offering suet easy. The vinyl-coated metal cage is safe for birds, weather-resistant, rust-resistant and designed for use with standard-sized suet and small seed cakes. The front panel opens for quick and easy filling.

HEATH S-6-2 Wild Bird Feeder, 9-1/2 in H, 4 Seed Cakes, Steel, Hanging Mounting

Durable steel construction and a threaded top and base for convenient refilling. Holds up to 4 Stack'Ms. Orgill sku (975.6487, 975.6495, 975.6503 and 975.6511).

JW 3428945 Soda Bottle Bird Feeder, Hanging Mounting

Attract colorful songbirds to your yard while helping the environment with the Petmate® soda bottle bird feeder. This easy-to-assemble bird feeder makes good use of used, plastic liter bottles.

Perky-Pet 131TF Hummingbird Feeder, 16 oz, 4-Port/Perch, Glass/Plastic, Red, 9-3/4 in H

This feeder has been designed to please both you and your visiting hummingbirds by offering several unique features. To make the feeder easier to fill and clean, it has a convenient wide mouth bottle. It can be filled by simply removing the cap and pouring 16 oz of nectar into the top. The wide opening will reduces messes and spills. To entice your hummers, the feeder offers four perches and soft, flower-shaped feeding ports, which have a more natural feel.

Perky-Pet 132TF Hummingbird Feeder, 24 oz, 4-Port/Perch, Glass/Plastic, Clear, 9 in H

Perky-Pet® 24 oz Top fill glass hummingbird feeder is the feeder for you, With its large 24 oz nectar capacity, you'll keep the hummingbirds fed and have to refill less often. The wide mouth opening and patented Top Fill technology makes filling easy. Simply remove the lid, pour in the nectar and you're ready to feed the hummingbirds. No inverting necessary, The flowers that adorn this feeder are a soft, flexible plastic, making them look more natural, The built-in ant moat on the cap has the ability to be filled with water, blocking the ants from accessing the nectar.

Perky-Pet 136TF Hummingbird Feeder, Yellow Flower Top-Fill, 16 oz, Nectar, 4-Port/Perch, Plastic, Red, 8.9 in H

Feeding hummingbirds can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be time consuming. With the Perky-Pet® yellow flower top fill hummingbird feeder, feeding the birds has never been easier. The unique top fill technology allows you to simply unscrew the cap, pour in the nectar and you're ready to feed the birds. This design also makes it easy to clean. The four soft flower shaped feeding ports offer a more natural feel and hummingbirds will be attracted to the bright yellow color. The shatter-resistant plastic bottle has a 16 oz nectar capacity to keep your hummers full and happy. Plus, with a built-in ant moat, ants will never be a problem for this feeder.

Perky-Pet 138TF Hummingbird Feeder, 24 oz, 4-Port/Perch, Plastic, Clear, 10-3/4 in H

Attract iridescent beauties to your yard with the Perky-Pet® top fill hummingbird feeder. Thanks to patented top fill technology, filling has never been easier. To fill, simply unscrew the cap and pour nectar into the top, no inverting necessary. Plus, the convenient wide-mouth opening reduces the risk of spillage while you pour. To attract more hummingbirds, the top fill feeder features four flower-shaped feeding ports with perches. The flower shape, red color and soft, flexible feel of the ports combine to create a more natural feeding experience that hummingbirds won't be able to resist. With a built-in ant moat, ants will never be a problem for this feeder. In addition, the plastic reservoir holds up to 24 oz of nectar to keep your hummers satisfied.

Perky-Pet 161-3 Hummingbird Feeder, 16 oz, 4-Port/Perch, Glass, 8.63 in H

The recessed bottom works as a funnel for precision pouring. After filling with nectar, simply replace the plug and invert the feeder to activate the feeding ports. Features include a durable glass container, 16 oz nectar capacity and 4 feeding ports. As an added bonus, there are nectar channels in the base that allow only the necessary amount of nectar to flow into the base, keeping the nectar fresher longer.

Perky-Pet 203CPBN Hummingbird Feeder, 8 oz, 4-Port/Perch, Glass/Plastic, Bright Red, 8.38 in H

It's the classic design that you know and love with a few great updates. The new and improved wide-mouth bottle and simple disassembly makes cleaning easier than ever before. Meanwhile, the attention-catching color and 8 oz nectar capacity are irresistible to hummers.

Perky-Pet 203CPBR Hummingbird Feeder, 4-Port/Perch, Glass, Red, 8.38 in H

Bring bold color and convenient design to your backyard bird-feeding routine with the Perky-Pet® pinch waist red glass hummingbird feeder. Offering the classic silhouette you know and love, this 8 oz feeder now features a bright red bottle, cap and base to capture the attention of hummers from near and far. The wide mouth bottle, simple disassembly and insect defenses all combine to make this our most convenient feeder for birders of any experience level. Find the best seat in your house now, because hummingbirds are sure to be on their way.

Perky-Pet 204CP-4 Hummingbird Feeder, 5-Port/Perch, Glass, Red, 10-1/2 in H

The Perky-Pet® favored pinch waist hummingbird feeder brings together some of our most popular features in one great feeder. Front and center is our iconic pinch waist glass bottle, a favored silhouette of many birders. Plus, the base features a whopping five flower shaped ports with our bird preferred U shaped perches. Meanwhile, the wide mouth bottle, simple disassembly and insect defenses all combine to make this a convenient feeder for birders of any experience level. Find the best seat in your house now, because hummingbirds are sure to be on their way.

Perky-Pet 209B Hummingbird Feeder, 30 oz, 6-Port/Perch, Glass/Plastic, Bright Red/Yellow, 8.3 in H

The Perky-Pet® Glass hummingbird feeder promises hours of hummingbird-watching pleasure and is ideal for any bird lover. Able to hold up to 30 oz of nectar, this hummingbird feeder features a clear bottle made of hardened glass for at-a-glance nectar monitoring. It's designed with a wide mouth bottle to enable easy filling and cleaning. To attract birds and provide visual appeal, the feeder features bright red and yellow accents. The feeder includes six feeding stations with a wraparound perch. Plus, the flower-shaped feeding ports offer built-in bee guards to protect the nectar. Along with the built-in ant moat, this feeder is sure to be safe from unwanted invaders.

Perky-Pet 209BO-4 Fruit Trio Oriole Nectar Feeder, 30 oz, Jelly, Nectar, Orange Slices, 4-Port/Perch

It's no secret that orioles have a sweet tooth. The Perky-Pet® fruit trio oriole nectar feeder allows you to serve three of their favorite foods in one convenient location. The large reservoir can hold up to 30 oz of nectar, which is accessible through four feeding ports around the feeder base. This unique feeder also includes a jelly cup and orange spike, which attach to the ports so you can serve up an orange slice and a sampling of jelly- two of orioles' favorite treats! Orioles won't be able to resist visiting this enticing feeder. The vibrant orange color makes this feeder hard to miss- orioles will easily be able to spot it as they fly nearby. When they stop to feed, the four large perches provide plenty of room for multiple orioles to rest while they dine on their sweet treats. To protect your nectar from insects, this oriole feeder comes complete with a built-in ant moat and bee guards. To use the ant moat, simply fill the top of the cap with water to prevent ants from crawling down the feeder to access the ports. For easy filling and cleaning, the Perky-Pet® fruit trio oriole nectar feeder features a convenient wide-mouth opening. Plus, the clear glass bottle allows you to easily monitor nectar levels at a glance so your orioles never run out! Use the built-in hanging hook to hang the feeder anywhere around your yard where you can easily view the bird-feeding action.

Perky-Pet 217 Hummingbird Feeder, Window-Mount, 8 oz, 2-Port/Perch, Acrylic/Plastic, Clear/Red, 8.4 in H

Feeder holds up to 8 oz of nectar, has a transparent, plastic reservoir and bright-red plastic parts that will capture the attention of hummingbirds. A rounded, gently sloped base comes equipped with 2 flower-shaped feeding ports and 2 detachable perches to provide hummingbirds with a comfortable place to perch.

Perky-Pet 245L Ant Guard, Red, For: Hummingbird Feeder

The Perky-Pet® AntGuard® Effectively repels ants from feeders and easily mounts in-line with hanging bird feeders.

Perky-Pet 305 Wild Bird Feeder, Holly Berry Gilded, 2 lb, Plastic, 9-1/2 in H, Hanging Mounting

The Perky-Pet® holly berry gilded chalet feeder features a circular perch for feeding from all angles.

Perky-Pet 310 Hopper Carriage Feeder, 1.5 lb, 4-Port/Perch, Acrylic, 8-5/64 in H, Hanging Mounting

The Perky-Pet® carriage feeder is used for attracting and feeding wild birds.

Perky-Pet 312R Panorama Bird Feeder, 9 in H, Perch, 2 lb, Red, Powder-Coated Red Sparkle

The Perky-Pet® red sparkle panorama feeder features an eye-catching red sparkle finish with a convenient circular perch. This panorama bird feeder holds up to 2 lb of seed, has a feeding tray and a powder-coated finish. It utilizes the Sure-Lock™ cap system which keeps squirrels out, yet allows birds to feed. This feeder is easy to fill and clean and will make a beautiful addition to any backyard, porch or bird feeding oasis.

Perky-Pet 3261 Sierra Bird Feeder, 14-29/32 in H, 1.5 lb, Plastic, Clear/Dark Green, Hanging Mounting

One of our versatile plastic bird feeders, this one will please a variety of birds with its ability to be easily converted from a wild bird feeder to a finch feeder. The Perky-Pet® wild bird and finch feeder holds 1.8 lb of seed or finch mix and features a plastic cap that protects the seeds from moisture. The six feeding stations with attached perches and seed ports can be easily switched from mixed seed to thistle seed. The clear, shatter-resistant plastic reservoir makes it easy for you to monitor the seed levels. Remember to clean your plastic bird feeders once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution.

Perky-Pet 336 Wild Bird Feeder, 18-1/4 in H, Rustic Leaf, 2 lb, Metal, Hammered Bronze, Hanging Mounting

The Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone® bird feeder combines innovative squirrel-resistant features with attractive design to create a feeding station that is truly unparalleled.

Perky-Pet 337 Wild Bird Feeder, Metal, Rustic Brown, Hanging Mounting

Squirrel proof system with triple tube design uses squirrel's own weight to block off seed access. Separate 3 cavity design allows for a variety of different seed mixes for 9 feeding stations. Squirrels weight blocks access to food. Adjustable spring tensioner for protection against smaller squirrels.

Perky-Pet 339 Squirrel-Proof Wild Bird Feeder, Home, 8 lb, Metal, Hanging/Pole Mounting

Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone® II® home-style bird feeder. Attract everything from cardinals, finches, flickers and grackles to grosbeaks, jays, juncos and kinglets--even sparrows, wrens and woodpeckers. excellent of all, this wild bird feeder provides an optimal feeding station for birds without catering to those sneaky squirrels.

Perky-Pet 348 Window Feeder, 8 oz, Plastic, Clear, 7.78 in H

The Perky-Pet Wild Bird Window Feeder is an economical and convenient choice that attaches easily to any window surface. The feeder is ideal for birders who enjoy watching their birds from inside their home, anytime of day. The feeder is a breeze to fill and clean and is sure to keep birds happy all season long.

Perky-Pet 363 Lantern Bird Feeder, Screen-Printed Birds and Berries, 3 lb, 4-Port/Perch, Black, Hook Mounting

Offering squirrel resistance and rustic design, bird lovers will delight in the charm of the Perky-Pet® birds and berries lantern feeder. Boasting a Sure-Lock™ cap and powder-coated finish, this feeder will stand up to squirrels and the elements. Each of the four feeding stations is paired with a port, allowing multiple birds to stop for a snack at the same time. It's also easy to fill and clean thanks to the wide-mouth opening and removable side panels. Simply fill this feeder with up to 3 lb of your favorite seed, hang using the built-in hanging hook and watch the birds flock to it.

Perky-Pet 370 Seed Lantern Feeder, Sun, Star, 3 lb, Metal, Brown, 10.26 in H, Hanging/Pole Mounting

The Perky-Pet® Sun & Star lantern bird feeder holds 3 lb of seed and has a wide perching area to allow for more birds to feed at one time. The seed tray also has small holes to allow any access moisture to drain from the seed, which makes it a great feeder for areas that get a lot of snow or rain. The celestial inspired design on the lantern style birdfeeder is sure to keep the birds flocking to your yard every day. With its attractive design, it's a great addition to your outdoor decor. The all metal construction gives this feeder a modern look, yet makes it extremely durable and rust-resistant.

Perky-Pet 379CS Thistle Sack Finch Feeder, 3 lb, Fabric, Hanging Mounting

The Perky-Pet® thistle sack finch feeder is another way to attract those bright colored finches to your backyard. The finches will enjoy clinging to the soft fabric of this feeder as it easily dispenses thistle seed. Featuring colorful natural designs, hang this feeder from the hanging chain attached to the sack. This feeder can hold up to 3 lb of thistle seed.

Perky-Pet 385-2 Wild Bird Feeder, 17 in H, Copper, 1.8 lb, Plastic, Clear, Antique Copper, Hanging/Pole Mounting

This elegant tube feeder features our 2-in-1 port technology, allowing you to attract a larger variety of birds. The Perky-Pet® copper 2-in-1 wild bird feeder features an exclusive design allowing for easy switching from a mixed/sunflower setting to a thistle/finch mix position - the multi-food choice allows for variety in the wild birds stopping by for a meal. The feeder holds 1 lb of seed and has four feeding stations with offset perches that allow you to see more birds at one time. The antique copper finish of this 2-in-1 feeder is sure to be an elegant addition to your yard. The bird-friendly tray will catch seeds and shells, creating less mess and the removable base makes cleaning this feeder easy. The clear, shatterproof plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution.

Perky-Pet 386 Squirrel Shield Feeder, 16-1/2 in H, 1 lb, Metal/Plastic, Black, Hanging/Pole Mounting

The Perky-Pet® squirrel shield wild bird tube feeder features patented caged ports which allow birds to feed easily, while protecting against squirrels. Circular guards surrounding the feeding ports prevent seed scattering. The feeder is a breeze to fill and clean with its removable base and is sure to keep birds happy all season long.

Perky-Pet 388 Dried Mealworm Bird Feeder, 10-13/64 in H, 3.5 oz, Plastic, Clear Blue, Powder-Coated

Attract a variety of species to your yard with the Perky-Pet® dried mealworm wild bird feeder. Bluebirds, woodpeckers and other insect-eating birds will love having access to a hearty alternative to seed - and they'll get to dine at the same time thanks to two ports with perches. For your convenience, this feeder features removable a lid and a wide mouth opening to make cleaning a breeze. Filling is also effortless - simply add up to 3.5 oz of dried mealworms to the reservoir and you're ready to start feeding. To allow for easy monitoring of food levels at a glance, this feeder boasts a clear plastic reservoir. The Perky-Pet® dried mealworm bird feeder also has a few advantages over open tray-style feeders. Unique slotted ports prevent scatter, therefore reducing messes on the ground below the feeder. In addition, the enclosed design helps to keep food dry in any weather. The durable plastic construction will ensure bird feeding enjoyment for years to come. In addition, this feeder includes a built-in hanging hook, allowing you to hang the feeder in a location that's easy for you to view.

Perky-Pet 390 Wild Bird Feeder, 9-3/4 in H, 0.75 lb, Metal, Yellow, Powder-Coated, Hanging Mounting

Add some color to your landscape with the Perky-Pet® yellow metal tube bird feeder. This lovely feeder is a modern addition to your garden, backyard or patio. Easily fill the Perky-Pet® yellow metal tube bird feeder with up to 0.75 lb of seed, place in a quiet and convenient place and watch as a variety of birds flock to your feeder. The yellow metal tube feeder is easy-to-fill, has removable parts for easy cleaning and is powder coated for rust resistance. This bird feeder includes a sturdy hanger for secure hanging and a roof to protect the seed from exposure to the weather. This feeder will complement any decor and also makes a great gift.

Perky-Pet 395 Wild Bird Feeder, 10 in H, 1.25 lb, Metal

With the many openings on this feeder, you can watch a multitude of birds as they flock to enjoy seeds or peanuts. The Perky-Pet® 10 in sunflower seed and peanut feeder holds 1.25 lb of sunflower seed or peanuts. The full circle of perforations allows more birds to feed at once, making this one of the most economical and convenient tube feeders on the market! In addition, squirrels cannot damage the all metal construction. Remember to clean your tube feeders once every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution.

Perky-Pet 399 Thistle Feeder, 19-1/4 in H, 2 lb, Plastic, Bright Yellow/Clear, Hanging Mounting

With its unique upside-down perch system, the Perky-Pet® Upside Down® thistle feeder is designed specifically to cater to the goldfinches in your yard. The 2 lb seed capacity ensures your goldfinch visitors will have plenty to eat. In addition, the feeder is made of durable plastic so it will stand up to the outdoor elements. Easily hang it anywhere around your yard using the convenient built-in hanging hook. You'll soon be able to see why these beautiful little birds are so beloved.

Perky-Pet 403CP Hummingbird Feeder, 8 oz, 4-Port/Perch, Plastic, Red, 9-1/2 in H

Bright colors attract hummingbirds and this feeder has enough bright red to attract hummingbirds from near and far. The Perky-Pet® pinch waist plastic hummingbird feeder promises hours of enjoyment as you watch the hummingbirds happily sip nectar and dart about. 8 oz capacity and 4 feeding stations. Holding up to 8 oz of nectar, this hummingbird feeder features a red plastic bottle with a pinched waist and a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. The feeder's design also includes four flower-shaped feeding stations, each with a resting perch and a built-in bee guard to protect the nectar supply. The feeder also comes with a built-in ant moat on the top.

Perky-Pet 449-2 Oriole Feeder, 32 oz, 4-Port/Perch, Plastic, Clear/Orange

The four perch/feeding station set-up makes this feeder one of the most economical and convenient oriole bird feeders. The Perky-Pet® Oriole feeder features an orange slice decor, a 32 oz nectar capacity, four feeding ports with bee guards and a two-position perch that adjusts to feed all varieties of orioles. The clear, plastic reservoir makes it easy for you to monitor nectar levels and unscrews easily from the feeder base for quick cleaning and filling.

Perky-Pet 4644 Finch Feeder, 14 in H, 1.5 lb, Plastic, Bright Yellow/Clear, Hanging Mounting

These finch bird feeders are so bright and stylish, yet consumer-minded too. The Perky-Pet® finch feeder features 6 feeding ports, a 1.5 lb seed capacity, a quick-release tray (which saves seed and simplifies cleaning) and unique twist n lock removable perches that attract both clinging and perching birds. The clear plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. Hang mount. This feeder is one of the most economical and convenient finch bird feeders on the market. Stylish in its flashy, bright yellow hue, this finch feeder is sure to be noticed by birds and people alike! Put several of these finch bird feeders in your lawn or gardens to attract more of these delightful little birds for even more enjoyment.

Perky-Pet 50129 Wood Bird Feeder, Gazebo, 2 lb, Fir Wood, Hanging Mounting

The Perky-Pet® Gazebo wood feeder holds up to 2 lb of seed and features a multi-port seed dispenser with the Sure-Lock™ cap, a thatched roof and metal twig style accents. Feeder hangs from included loop hanger.

Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder, 1.6 lb, Metal/Pine, 9-1/4 in H

Large birds need love too, so make sure they are accommodated in your yard with the Perky-Pet® hanging tray bird feeder. Its versatile design caters to larger birds that are unable to perch at the seed feeders intended for small birds. It's also ideal for other types of birds that are partial to ground feeding, allowing those birds to dine how they prefer without making a mess all over your lawn. With this buffet for birds, you'll be able to attract a wider variety of birds than ever before.

Perky-Pet 50181 Wood Chalet Wild Bird Feeder, Star Barn, 2 lb, Pine, Hanging Mounting

The Perky-Pet® Star barn wood chalet bird feeder will add country charm to your backyard. This hopper style bird feeder holds up to 2 lb of bird seed and has clear side panels so you can constantly monitor seed levels. The wood barn includes a built-in tray with decorative fence accents to keep seed from falling to the ground.

Perky-Pet 50182 Wood Bird Feeder, Birdie B & B, 2 lb, Pine, Hanging Mounting

Invite your feathered friends to be your guests at the Perky-Pet® Birdie B&B wood bird feeder. This quaint feeder features a unique B&B silhouette with charming details such as etching around the ports and a light blue roof with a country-style weather vane. The roof overhang provides the added benefit of keeping seed dry and protecting birds from inclement weather. For your convenience, the roof-like lid is removable so you can easily fill and clean your feeder, ensuring that your backyard birds always have access to fresh seed. Additionally, this feeder features Twist-To-Lock™ technology, which tightly secures the lid to resist squirrels.

Perky-Pet 5109-2 Wild Bird Feeder, 12-1/2 in H, 3.5 lb, Metal/Plastic, Clear, Hanging Mounting

Our Perky-Pet® Fortress® the bird shelter squirrel-resistant bird feeder features 4 feeding ports, a 3.5 lb. seed capacity and an easy-fill wide-mouth top for each feeder. A unique, weight-activated seed protection system stops squirrels from eating the seed. A clear plastic cover protects birds as they eat! This handy two-pack will give you two times the viewing pleasure. One of our squirrel-resistant birdfeeders, this model has a heavy-duty metal cap and chew-resistant metal perch. The clear plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. These innovations make for one of the most economical and convenient squirrel-resistant birdfeeders on the market! Hang mount.