Winter Car Care

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Bell V500 Lock Lubricant Thaw De-Icer, 0.625 oz, Aerosol Can, Clear, Liquid

Bell De-Icer, Lock, Lubricant Thaw, 0.625 oz, Aerosol Can Packing, Composition: Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydraulic Lube Oil, Carbon Dioxide, Liquid, Clear, Alcohol Odor/Scent, 58 - 64 deg F Flash Point, For Preventing Locks From refreezing and rusting

Prestone AS-242 Windshield De-Icer, 11 oz Aerosol Can

Prevents refreezing and smearing. A concentrated formula with a high powered propellant for windows, locks and wipers.

Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Broom, 7 in W Blade, Telescopic Handle, 18 in OAL, Blue

The Snow Joe® snow broom model SJBLZD makes quick work out of the snow piled on the roof, hood, trunk or windshield of your car. Its patented dual-purpose design features a broom head on one end and a built-in ice scraper on the other, so you can quickly push heavy, wet snow off your car, then clear away the ice build-up on your windshield with just one tool. Made with a durable, reinforced, non-abrasive foam head, the snow broom safely and effectively sweeps snow off your car without scratching the glass surfaces. Plus, its telescoping pole extends from 33 to 52 in to provide maximum reach with minimal strain. Weighing only 1.2 lb, the snow broom is super easy to handle and stores neatly inside the trunk of your car with its built-in bracket holder. Get equipped® this winter with the Snow Joe® snow broom and clear out fast from tough winter messes.

SubZero 1124F Ice Scraper, 4 in W Blade, Plastic Handle

Contoured cushion grip with oversized chippers for added ice breaking power.

SubZero 16211 Ice Scraper, Plastic Handle

Ergonomic, rounded handle for greater grip power. More comfortable than traditional, flat scrapers. Thumb "button" allows more pressure to the blade. Scraper has a super-flat blade for maximum window contact when scraping.

SubZero 2610XB Extender Snow Broom, 48 in OAL, Assorted

Wide blade and broom extend to 48 in and provides up to 100% longer reach. Great for larger vehicles.

SubZero Ice Chisel 13024 Snow Brush, Cushion-Grip Handle, 32 in OAL

With "Ice Chisel" scraper, 2 blades in 1, ice chipping plus frost removal. Heavy-duty brush provides long reach for large vehicles. Strong steel handle.

SubZero Super Deluxe 19520 Snow Brush, 4 in W Blade, 22 in OAL

Includes flexible "Bear Claw" blades which follows the contour of the windshield.