Wood Cleaners & Preservatives

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Cabot Problem-Solver 8007 Ready-to-Use Wood Cleaner, 1.33 gal Can

Cabot?? Wood Cleaner is specially formulated to remove stains caused by mold, mildew and algae, as well as dirt and other foreign matter, from painted, stained or weathered wood surfaces. Unlike other mildew stain cleaners, this easy-to-use Cabot product does not require the addition of bleach in order to be effective. Use for routine cleaning and for properly preparing all surfaces prior to staining or painting. Cabot Wood Cleaner is not a paint or stain remover. It will, however, remove paint or stain on an unsound surface.

Guardsman 460500 Wood Cleaner, 12.5 oz Aerosol Can

Safely and easily removes old wax, polish and many other stains. Ozone-safe.

method Wood for Good 1182 Daily Wood Cleaner, Liquid, Almond, 28 oz Bottle

Your kitchen table probably serves multiple purposes bedazzling base station, homework hub, maybe host to a meal here and there. But that doesn't mean its true luster should fall by the wayside. Especially now that you can safely eliminate dust, crumbs plus crafty remnants from your wood surfaces (yes, even the nice ones) with our non-toxic, wood for good?? plant-based daily cleaner.

Minwax 521270004 Wood Cabinet Cleaner, 35 oz Bottle

Min Wax® wood cabinet cleaner is specially formulated to help you maintain the natural beauty of your finished wood and laminate surfaces.

Savogran 10501 Concentrated Wood Bleach, 12 oz

Wood Bleach contains oxalic acid which, when mixed with hot water, effectively bleaches unfinished or stripped wood quickly and easily. Wood Bleach is excellent for removing black water spots and tannin stains in wood. Use on all unfinished woodwork, floors, doors and more to lighten wood or match different wood colors.

Scott Liquid Gold 10018 Wood Cleaner and Preservative, 14 oz

Scott's liquid gold for wood - real wood care for 65+ years. Balances moisture to enhance the natural beauty, texture and grain of real wood.