Wood Shavings

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America's Choice 0P2ECOAC Eco Flake Bedding

This product is made from screened, kiln-dried wood waste from home building product manufacturers. Because it is essentially recycled fiber that might otherwise go to landfills, it's use as bedding is better for the environment. It is a small- to medium-sized, all-purpose grade of wood shavings that combines excellent absorption with ease of use.

America's Choice 273.0P2MEDAC Flake Bedding

This product is made using heat-dried, screened fiber manufactured by shaving pine logs and sizing them to a medium grade. It's great for those who prefer better loft and cushioning than the smaller flake products offer and still want to retain the better of a smaller flake wood shaving.

America's Choice 483.0P2MINIAC Flake Bedding

This is the smallest flake we produce and the fastest-growing product in our lineup. With more surface area and less air between the flakes, this specially-sized, small-flake wood shaving provides more wood fiber by volume than larger grades of shavings. More fiber means better liquid and odor absorption when compared to the same volume of larger shavings. It also means that when picking manure from the stall, most of the unused shavings fall through the fork, similar to clumping cat litter, which saves time, bedding and money. Mini-Flake shavings pour more easily out of the bales, making them easier to spread. Once a stall is set with the desired depth of Mini-Flake shavings, it can be refreshed with a bale or two of new product, rather than mucking the entire stall. An independent test of Mini-Flake versus other shavings showed savings of up to 50% in time spent cleaning the stall and monthly stall maintenance costs.


Wood pellets provide an excellent alternative to straw or shavings. One bag of wood pellets is roughly equivalent to 2 bales of wood shavings. Our pellets are 100% softwood so produce very little dust and contain no bleach or additives, reducing any risk of allergies.

Premier Pet 2.0P5PT55 Cedar Bedding, Red

All natural and aromatic kiln dried red cedar bedding. Keeps your pet warm and odor-free. Great absorbent bedding for horses and livestock. Produced sludge-free bedding can also be used as a natural mulch and compost. 2 cu-ft (56 L) compressed expands to 5.0 cu-ft (141 L).