GENOVA 300 Series 34011 Pressure Pipe Bell, 20 ft L, Bell

GENOVA 300 Series 34011 Pressure Pipe Bell, 20 ft L, Bell

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Used in cold water pressure applications only, such as irrigation and underground residential sprinkler systems, also used to make outdoor furniture. Pipe sizes are the same as iron pipe sizes. Meets ASTM-D1785. Approved for potable water piping systems. Solvent weld, use with pressure fittings. 160 psi rating at 73 deg F.

Product Details


Manufacturer's Part Number: 34011

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Product Features

  • Solvent weld joints
  • Pipe diameters are the same as iron pipe
  • Pressure pipe and fittings are for use in the distribution of pressurized fluids only, which are chemically compatible with the piping materials
  • Pipe produced to a Standard Dimensional Ration (SDR) has a wall thickness that is proportional to its diameter and all sizes have the same pressure rating, the pressure rating for Schedule pipe decreases as the diameter increases

Product Specifications

Connection Type Bell
Length 20 ft
Operating Temperature 73 deg F
Outside Diameter 1-1/4 in
Pressure Rating 160 psi