ART Flex-Tec HV ART 401-MINI Elastomeric Repair Compound, Amber/Clear, Liquid, 5 oz

ART Flex-Tec HV ART 401-MINI Elastomeric Repair Compound, Amber/Clear, Liquid, 5 oz


Brand: ART

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Flex-Tec HV is a two component epoxy material designed specifically for strength and flexibility. Engineered to move with the natural expansion and contraction of various natural and synthetic materials, Flex-Ease offers outstanding long-term performance. Excellent modeling and tooling properties make Flex-Ease the ideal choice for the professional or casual user. Flex-Tec HV can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Common applications are on exterior column bases, window sills and sashes and architectural wood ornaments. It is also suitable for various manufacturing uses, the repair of natural wood imperfections such as knots or checks and the sealing of end-grain. Flex-Tec HV is ideal for synthetic materials such as cellular PVC trim boards and fiberglass.

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Manufacturer's Part Number: ART 401-MINI

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Product Specifications

Boiling Point 392 Part A, 500 Part B deg F
Color Amber/Clear
Compositions Epoxy Resin, Polyoxypropylene Diglycidyl Ether, Silicon Dioxide Part A, Nonyl Phenol, 1-(2-Aminoethyl)Piperazine, Poly(Oxypropylene)Diamine, Fatty Acids, C18 unsatd, Dimers, Silicon Dioxide, Tetraethylenepentamine, 4,4'-Isopropylidenediphenol, Diethylenetriamine Part B
Density 1.12 g/cc Part A, 8.38 Part B
Flammability Rating 1
Flash Point 310 deg F Part A, 255 deg F Part B deg F
Form Liquid
Net Content 5 oz
Odor/Scent Ammonia
Specific Gravity 1.17 Part A, 1.01 Part B
Temperature Rating 45 to 95 deg F
Vapor Density >1

Product Documents

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