FOAMPRO 43 Maxi Trim Roller, 3/8 in Thick Nap, 3 in L, Foam Cover

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For painting small areas like furniture, cupboards, cabinets and more. For latex, acrylic and alkyd paints. Doesn't leave unsightly fuzz, lint or seam marks. Foam conforms to surface irregularities and provides contour coverage. Will not "mat down". Has a "reservoir action" and carries most of the paint below the surface in thousands of tiny open cells. Less frequent "dipping" and less "spreading out" of paint. Cleans quickly and easily.

Product Details

Manufacturer: FOAMPRO

Manufacturer's Part Number: 43

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Product Specifications

Cover Material Foam
Length 3 in
Nap Thickness 3/8 in
Paint Type Acrylic, Alkyd, Latex
Surface Type Semi-Smooth, Smooth

Product Documents

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