L&R VDM Drip Edge, 10 ft L, Drip Edge, Aluminum

L&R VDM Drip Edge, 10 ft L, Drip Edge, Aluminum


Brand: L&R

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Lamb & Ritchie's newly redesigned vented drip edge will provide a balanced flow of air from soffit to ridge, thereby equalizing temperatures and reducing heat and condensation in the attic. The system also protects the roof line as a starter strip. It is easy-to-install, saving time and labor by not having to install two separate systems. With 22 larger vents every 6 in, Lamb & Ritchie vented drip edge conforms to standard building codes, allowing 9.2 sq-in of net-free air per linear foot. This is important if using ridge vents in conjunction with the vented drip edge. Less than 9 sq-in of free air will result in downdrafts instead of proper air flow. The vented drip edge is constructed of 0.025 in aluminum with a 2 in girth. Strong enough to support a ladder, it will give your roof line years of protection. Lamb & Ritchie vented drip edge features a unique baffle or counterflashing which prevents the flow of snow and water from reaching the inner walls of the house. For proper air flow, a 1 in opening under the sheathing should be allowed.

Product Details

Manufacturer: LAMB & RITCHIE

Manufacturer's Part Number: VDM

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Product Specifications

Edge Type Drip
Finish Mill
Length 10 ft
Material Aluminum
Material Thickness 0.25 ga